The Ultimate Geeky Subscription Box Monthly Recap – February Edition

geeky subscription box

I know it’s mid-March but I never got around to posting my February Geeky Subscription Box Recap. This time I received FAR too many boxes to be able to do my normal recap so instead I will only say a few words and link to their original unboxing for more details. I did make a video with a quick unboxing of each… if you’re interested I will provide it here:


Ok so I’m going to go in the same order of the video….



Aboxalypse Custom Box ($50 box)

Ok all I can say about Aboxalypse is that it is one of the WORST run companies I have ever dealt with and will NEVER order ANYTHING from them again. BUYER BEWARE! I’m just glad I actually got something unlike the hundreds of people waiting months and not a word about where their crappy “custom picked” rush order junk is. ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK!


loot crate

Loot Crate “Play”

Some people didn’t like what was in this month’s box but I thought it was pretty good. I think the Superfight game was an awesome addition to the box and we’ve had tons of fun playing it around here!


nerd block

Nerd Block “Exclusives”

Not exactly the box of exclusives I was looking for but I still thought it was a good box. The shirt is pretty cool and the Saul Goodman Titan figure isn’t too shabby either.


arcade block

Arcade Block

This month’s box was full of Link stuff which was cool but it was the Starfox mug that stole the show.


horror block

Horror Block

I’m not a big horror fan so this box was wasted on me. I was hoping for some better zombie stuff but the Bitten book is a nice change from the same old stuff.


my geeky goodies

My Geeky Goodies “Timewarp Toybox”

I felt this was very well done for an 80s themed box! The DVDs are awesome and the Kre-O Transformers were cool too… the nostalgia though… is priceless!


1up box

1Up Box “Apocalypse”

“That shirt doh” lol. The other stuff in the box is just so-so but the shirt makes this box worth while every month.


geek fuel

Geek Fuel “Retro”

My first Geek Fuel did not disappoint! They are a refreshing change from the everyday geek box with some unique selections. I cant wait for my next box.


collectible GEEK

Collectible GEEK “Fantasy” Cache

Another favorite of mine is the Collectible GEEK box. They also distinguish themselves from the ordinary geek boxes with some really cool stuff!
geek me box

Geek Me Box

A HIGHLY underrated geek box if I do say so myself. I was one of their first subscribers and STILL one of the only people reviewing the box on a regular basis. I’ve never had a bad month… you should check them out!


zavvi z box

The Z Box “Undead” from Zavvi

A UK based geek box with super cheap shipping to the US. I thought their items were very creative and the most unique of all the boxes I got this month.


f box

The F Box “WD” from Fugitive Toys

A VERY difficult box to get your hands on. They are very limited and sell out in a few minutes each month. So far I’ve only been able to get this one box.


hero box

The Hero Box “Boyscout” from

Much different than any of the other boxes. This one features more clothing and such rather than toys. One perk is that all items are officially licensed merchandise. They also have a ton of themes to choose from.


box of dread

Box of Dread

A very original horror themed box. Again, I’m not a big horror fan but I thought the items in here were pretty cool.


anime bento

Anime Bento

This is a very cool box full of Japanese anime items. It’s a bit pricey but then all of the items have been imported from Japan so it adds to the cost. I love my little figures, I just might have to get more.


betoyo bento

Betoyo Bento

Just like the previous box in almost every way except that this is a Japanese based company so the box is shipped straight from Japan.




And there you have (almost) every geeky subscription box on the market! For a complete list of all known geek boxes you can check out my page here. Which also links to my latest review of each one as I get them. March’s boxes have already started to arrive so check out my site or follow me on any social media site for the latest updates!