Hero Box “Boyscouts” Unboxing and Review – February 2015

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Hero box

*Disclaimer* I received this box complimentary in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are my own

Here we are again with yet ANOTHER new box!!! This one is called the Hero Box and it’s from SuperHeroStuff.com. This one is a little different than most of the other boxes I’ve reviewed because it focuses primarily on clothing and accessories rather than a box of toys. Also all items included are officially licensed merchandise and you get 10 themes to choose from every month. Yes I said T E N themes! Nine are the same every month (Superman, Batman, etc) and one is a specialized theme for the month. February’s special theme was “Boyscouts” as in, the squeaky clean do-gooder super hero types. So let’s check out what’s in the box!


Pretty cool box right? So lets take a closer look at the goods:


hero box

Shazam! T-shirt

As I said in my video, I’m not too familiar with Shazam. I came very close to saying “The Flash” but luckily the wording at the bottom caught my eye lol. The design is very cool and old school looking so I will definitely wear it… plus I just like that it says SHAZAM! lol.

All of their items come priced, this licensed shirt is $20


hero box

2 Pair of Captain America Socks

People who love fun socks will love the Hero Box because I’ve seen their past boxes and you usually get some. I wont wear them as part of my every day wardrobe, but as I mentioned in the video, I’m a runner and will make use of these at an appropriately themed race.

These licensed socks are $15


hero box

Superman Keyring

I just cant get over the quality of this keychain. As you can see from the photo, its not just a thin cheap piece of metal. This thing is very high quality and really looks nice.

This sells for $8


hero box

Superman Water Bottle

I love this water bottle! It’s got a big opening on top and holds 32 oz of liquid inside. I find it funny that the bottom half is like superman’s underwear (or short shorts if you prefer) …ok yes I know it’s just part of his costume but it still made me “lol” at the thought.

This sells for $13


hero box

Captain America Bag

Show off your geeky-ness and save the environment at the same time with this Captain America reusable bag. I use bags like this all the time but none have such a cool design like this.

This sells for $7


hero box

Superman Window Decal

I tried really hard to get the likeness of this sticker to show up in the photo. Needless to say its the same as the blue design on the packaging. All I need now is a Wonder Woman and 3 little sidekicks to complete the back window of my car lol.

This sells for $6


hero box

Action Comics

I always welcome a good comic! Although I’m not a collector, and I never go out and buy the next issue I like reading the ones I get.

This sells for $3


hero box

The “Filler”

In addition to all the other cool stuff we also received: 2 Buttons, a magnet, a Superman eraser, and papercraft item. I’m not one for pins but I have to say that the eraser is too cool! I love the little short stubby Superman lol.

All of this is a total of about $8


hero box

and that was the Hero Box “Boyscout” box for February 2015. They price all of their items right on the included card so the total value came to about $75 for a $50 box. If you would like to try Hero Box for yourself, you can visit their website by clicking here. By clicking on my affiliate link, any purchase made at SuperHeroStuff.com will help support my website and allow me to continue to bring you all of these great boxes!

Be sure to check out some of the other great boxes I’ve reviewed on my site and follow me on social media for all of my latest unboxings! So until next time… “Stay Geeky My Friends”