Geek Fuel “Retro” Unboxing and Review – February 2015


Check Out one of the latest additions to my geeky subscription box family! Geek Fuel is a newer box on the market but they are quickly gaining in popularity. February’s theme is “Retro” and promises an exclusive “masked vigilante” item inside. The monthly subscription runs $24 per month (month-to-month) but get’s discounted if you select a multiple month plan. I’ve had my eye on them since their very first box and was literally about to sign up when they reached out to me to review their box. I never solicit companies for a freebie but if one is offered to me I am definitely not going to pass. But enough about that, let’s see what’s inside!


Pretty nice box eh? So let’s take a closer look at each item…


geek fuel

Geek Fuel Worms Candy and Game

I love that these gummy worms look like real worms and not your standard bright colors! I could totally use these for pranks and just general grossing people out lol. On the back is a code to unlock the Original Worms which is one of my all time favorite retro games… I already own the whole series but I can load it on to one of my kid’s computers for them to play.

It says right on the package its an $8 value


geek fuel

Space Invaders Soap on a Rope

Make bath time geeky with this oddly shaped bar of soap. There’s not much you can say about a novelty item such as this …I mean it’s soap after all. Is it wrong though that I chuckle a little bit every time I say “soap on a rope”? lol. Again this is another item that I will be giving to the kids who will absolutely love it.

I found them for as little as $4 online


geek fuel

DC Comic Pint Glass

Fun fact – I only drink out of pint glasses such as this with geeky themes printed on them. I actually have some old Star Wars glasses from Burger King that are practically as old as I am. But enough about that, these glasses are awesome! There were 3 “common” ones and then a secret mystery glass that you could have received. (I heard the mystery glass was Batman related but I haven’t seen photos yet)

I couldn’t find this one but similar glasses sell for around $10


geek fuel

Bat-Pac-Man T-shirt

Technically you could still call him Bat Man or maybe like Bac Man but no matter what name you land on this shirt is still cool. It’s double-retro in that Pac-Man is retro but it also features the Retro-style Batman characters as the ghosts. It’s simple, it’s clever, and people will love it which is what I go for when wearing my geeky shirts out and about in public!

I always value t-shirts at $10


geek fuel Magazine & Filler

Normally I play along with the little extras in my geeky boxes and then toss them to the side never to go any further than that. However this caught my eye when flipping through it because it seemed like a real magazine… and that’s because it IS a real magazine. I wrongfully dismissed it as a “what’s in the box” publication when I unboxed it on video. I dug a little further and visited their website and found all sorts of great info… did you know there’s a new Toejam & Earl game in the works?? I am a big retro-gamer and grew up on games like that so it was exciting news for me lol.

The face value of the magazine is $10


geek fuel

and that was February’s Geek Fuel “Retro” box. An estimated $42 value for $24 shipped. As I have mentioned before I received this box for reviewing purposes, however, I have already signed up for next month’s box on my own. If you would like to try Geek Fuel for yourself, you can visit their website by clicking this link. It is a referral link which only helps to support my website. All clicks are much appreciated as it is people like you who help me bring you all of the latest and greatest geeky subscription boxes!

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