Loot Crate vs Nerd Block vs 1Up Box – January 2015

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Yes! It’s time once again to put some geeky boxes head to head and see which was better for the month of January! I’m just sticking with the 3 big names since they’re the ones that interest the most people: Loot Crate, Nerd Block, and 1Up Box. So let’s start with the new box in town and work our way backwards…


1up box

1Up Box “Robo Mayhem”

As I said, 1Up Box is the “new kid” on the block that has definitely gained itself a reputation. They’ve released a series of great boxes these past few months and shot right up into the spotlight. It also helps that they are the least expensive box on the market… at $19 shipped they just barely beat out Loot Crate for that honor.

January’s “Robo Mayhem” box, however, was somewhat of a let down. I was excited for this theme because of all the possible robot goodies that may have been inside… instead the box lacked variety and substance with far too much paper. The Star Wars ship really doesn’t fit the “Robo” theme and the wrist band is just a blah item no matter what is printed on it. Then you get a repeats in the papercraft as if the theme should have been “Star Wars Beemo”. They did, however, redeem themselves by including an awesome “Omegabot” mash-up T-shirt! Love the shirt guys …but keep the rest.

Interested in the 1Up Box? You can check them out on their website by clicking here. February’s theme is “Apocalypse” so there is sure to be something zombie (walking dead maybe) in it!


nerd block

Nerd Block “A Galaxy Far, Far Away”

Nerd Block and I have a love-hate relationship. No not with the company itself, just with the contents of their boxes. I was a subscriber for several months but then took a break up until now. At $30 shipped, they are the most expensive of the 3 boxes here, however, they are at par with most other geeky subscription boxes I review.

“Galaxy Far, Far Away” reeled me back in with the promise of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who all in the teasers. The items included in this box were great! The Star Wars film cell was my favorite and even though I am not a Doctor Who fan, I thought the T-shirt design was pretty cool. I think they flopped on the theme though. If all of the items in the box aren’t related to the theme then why have one at all? Also, they are less of a “collectible” box and seem to lean more towards toys. Yes the film cell and comic are slightly collectible but everything else included are just for fun.

Want to subscribe to Nerd Block? You can check them out by clicking here!


loot crate

Loot Crate “Rewind”

Last but certainly not least we have Loot Crate. I have been a subscriber since June of 2014 and have never once considered canceling. At $20 shipped, they always stuff the box double to almost triple the value… it may not always be good …but it’s cheap enough that I don’t mind. Loot Crate is the biggest, and most successful of all the geeky subscription boxes which sometimes leads me to judge them with higher expectations than most other boxes. They used to be packed full of filler but there has been a dramatic reduction as of late which leads me to believe they are listening to their fan base.

“Rewind” kicked off the new year with a BANG! There is not a single item in this box that I don’t like! The tie from Black Tie Geek is by far my favorite and so completely unique that it was worth $20 just for that! The Voltron shirt is awesome and the 10-Doh figure really appeals to my retro-gaming side. I’m also a big fan of Han Solo (naturally) so, for a change, I really enjoyed the “exclusive” cover on the included comic. It’s boxes like this that make the months that aren’t so great worth it in the long run!

Haven’t tried Loot Crate yet? Thinking about picking it back up?? February’s theme is “Play” and is said to include an exclusive version of a table top game. To sign up simply visit their website by clicking here, they always have a coupon code for a discount off your first box!





It’s difficult sometimes to pick the best… however, Loot Crate is definitely the clear winner this month! They picked a good theme and stuck with it. They didn’t over hype any specific item or jam the box full of useless papers and stickers. They just did a great job overall!

As to which box should you choose? Well that all depends on your personal preference… Loot Crate has the buying power, Nerd Block is about the same only they charge more, and 1Up Box is the less-is-more up-and-comer with the crowd pleasing ideas. Check out my past reviews and see for yourself. These 3 are only the tip of the Geek Box iceberg and I am trying to gather them all in one place for easy researching (such as my January Month End Recap) …you will see that there are tons of great boxes out there!

February may be a short month but there is no shortage of Geeky boxes coming in. If things play out right I may have 10 or more boxes posted before month’s end!! Be sure to follow me on social media so you never miss a review!