Geeky Subscription Box Month End Recap – January 2015 – Nerd Block – Loot Crate – 1Up Box – My Geeky Goodies – Geek Me Box – Collectible GEEK – Cool New Box

January's Geek Box Recap

January’s Geek Box Recap: Nerd Block vs Loot Crate vs 1Up Box vs My Geeky Goodies vs Geek Me Box vs Collectible GEEK vs Cool New Box!

I have discontinued the “Geeky Subscription Box Battle” series in exchange for a month end review post. I will still present them in the order that I like them least-to-best but there is no clear winner anymore because all of the boxes have some great qualities to them. That being said, lets start with my least favorite box for January:


1up box

1Up Box “Robo Mayhem”

Don’t get me wrong, I love the 1Up Box but this month I felt they could have done so much better. The “Omegabot” T-Shirt is Awesome! However, the rest of the box fell flat: The Star Wars ship really wasn’t robot themed, the Beemo wrist band just isn’t a very good item in my opinion, and the paper items weren’t very interesting and had a character repeat (Beemo). The boxes saving grace is that it is inexpensive (less than $20 shipped) so I still feel like I got my money’s worth. If you are interested in trying the 1Up Box for yourself, visit their website by clicking here, and help me earn more boxes so I can continue to review them. 🙂


my geeky goodies

My Geeky Goodies “Pixel Power”

MGG always has a decent box! My favorite item was definitely the “House Koopa” shirt, followed by the Street Fighter keychain, and the Nintendo Gamepack cards. The other items in the box were decent: the Ink Whiskey NES Flask is cool but I have no use for it, my mystery Minecraft figure was a dull horse (no ones fault just bad luck), and the candy is well …just candy. Overall it is well worth the $25 monthly subscription charge If you want to try My Geeky Goodies for yourself you can visit their website here.


nerd block

Nerd Block Classic “A Galaxy Far, Far Away”

This was surprisingly a good box from Nerd Block. They have been hit-or-miss with me in the past but this one was definitely a hit. The Doctor Who shirt has that great green logo, but its the Star Wars film cell and Grumpy Cat that are my favorites. My only criticism is that if you are going to name a space theme then you should group all of the items around that theme and not just a couple. The items themselves weren’t bad at all but I ordered it expecting more sci-fi. Nerd Block is $20 plus shipping ($30 total) and you can try them out by clicking this link here.


geek me box

Geek Me Box

Yet another one of my favorites! Geek Me Box is always consistent every month with some great items. By far this is the greatest T-Shirt of the month!!! I may be biased being “The Nerf Herder” but anything Han Solo-ish is an automatic win for me. They also had this great Magneto Pop and a Star Wars plush. The Superman game piece and Star Wars pen toppers could have been something better but I was not complaining. GMB is shipped to your door every month for $30 which is equal to many of the other boxes out there. If you would like to try them out, visit their website by clicking here.


collectible geek

Collectible GEEK “Disney” Cache

Collectible GEEK is one of the newest boxes I’ve picked up. While technically not a subscription box, they do offer 3 and 6 month purchase options (which is ideal because their monthly themes sell out quickly!) After getting this box I’ve already paid for 4 more months! That’s how awesome this box is! The 6″ Baymax, Oswald Pop, and “Avengers” poster are all some of my most favorite items of the month. The Elsa Pocket Pop found a good home and I’m actually using the Mickey Keychain so everything here is a win. Their monthly cache runs $33 shipped and they also offer a “Build Your Own” option as well. If you want to try collectible GEEK visit their website here, using this affiliate link will get you 3% OFF YOUR TOTAL PURCHASE!


cool new box

Super Cool New Box “Star Wars”

I cant even begin to tell you how excited I was to get this box! Cool New Box comes in 2 sizes: Regular ($50 plus shipping), and Super ($75 plus shipping). This may seem like a lot compared to other boxes but these aren’t like the other boxes. It’s more like a geeky shopping spree in a box with only the coolest toys. The only problem I have with this box is trying to decide which Yoda I like better: the Black Series, or the Fabrikations! The Super Cool New Box came with over $100 worth of stuff inside so even with shipping you come out on top. If you would like to try one for yourself, visit their website by clicking this link.


loot crate

Loot Crate “Rewind”

Every once in a while, Loot Crate just gets it right! I love my geeky tie from Black Tie Geek! Throw in a great Voltron shirt, a Star Wars comic, Exclusive 10-Doh figure… and you would think this is a great box …but they still had some great pixel glasses and a “make your own comic” book too. That’s a Home Run right there. Loot Crate runs $13.37 plus shipping ($20 total) and if you would like to try them out, simply click this link here. They always have great discount codes right on their website for new sign ups!


January's Geek Box Recap

And that, my friends, is January’s recap. Just remember, when signing up for any one of these boxes, PLEASE use my affiliate links. You get the same great price for your box, AND it helps me to bring you more boxes to review each month. My goal is to try and have at least 10 boxes for February and expand further into March depending on how things play out. I hope you enjoyed this recap… until next time…