Geeky Subscription Box Battle – Loot Crate vs 1Up Box vs My Geeky Goodies vs Geek Me Box vs Hero Crate vs Aboxalypse – December 2014


Subscription Box december

*UPDATE* Check Out January’s Month End Review By Clicking Here!

ITS THAT TIME AGAIN!!! Time to put all of December’s boxes head to head and see which one is crowned King Of The Geek Boxes! Ok so I’m a little late but there were some shipping delays with one particular box and it didn’t show up until January. In my normal fashion you can always watch it play out here on video if you like:



This month, in honor of my first video on the topic… I have changed the format to list out the boxes in order from worst to best. I have also removed the Aboxalypse Funko Box from the running and replaced it with the Aboxalypse Classic Box (they were essentially the same) So without further ado… check out box #6


aboxalypse classic box

#6 The Aboxalypse Classic Box:

*Buyer Beware* I DO NOT Endorse This company!

This company got off to a rocky start and has announced they will return in a few months with a revolutionary new box. I ordered 2 boxes from Aboxalypse and was satisfied with each of them. The Classic box would have scored better had it arrived in December but the too-late-for-Christmas Santa gear was a bit of a let down. I most likely will try them again once they get things figured out. *update* I tried out their new service and will never deal with this company again! See my review here.


hero crate 5

#5 Hero Crate:

The Captain America Theme was a good choice, however, there wasn’t much to it and my mug came broken. *UPDATE* I have been contacted by Hero Crate who had already mailed me a replacement mug that I should receive any day now! I really do like this box and the company as a whole seems to be very reputable. I will continue to follow their theme hints for another hero to catch my interest.


my geeky goodies

#4 My Geeky Goodies:

It pains me to see MGG score so low this month but I am just not a fan of Frozen. The addition of the snowballs, some candy, and lip balm made this one somewhat dull compared to what this company normally ships out. I give them props for their creativeness but it just wasn’t a very exciting box.


loot crate

#3 Loot Crate “Anniversary”:

There was SO much stuff in this box I would have loved to rank them #1 this month but they just sorta fell flat due to the severe over-hyping. If they could have somehow dumped some of the filler and squeezed in a nice t-shirt design or something we may have had a different conversation… that being said I still enjoy my Loot Crate and have no plans on canceling anytime soon. To subscribe to Loot Crate, visit their website by clicking here.


geek me box

#2 Geek Me Box:

Awesome shirt! Awesome Santa Jack! And plenty of extras with minimal filler… Geek Me Box really came through this month that’s for sure. I don’t like having a tie so sorry guys… you just barely got edged out. Geek Me Box runs $30 a month shipped and you can sign up or get more info by clicking over to their website with this link.


1up Mythical

#1 1Up Box “Mythical”:

Just the right stuff at exactly the right time! If you don’t like “The Hobbit” you would for sure hate this box. It was shipped out as the movie was being released so the excitement was fresh when I received it. A great move on their part which shot the box all the way up to #1 on my list. There wasn’t much to it: a shirt, a Pop, a ring, and some filler… but then I only pay $15 monthly for it (anyone subscribed before the November price jump got to stay at the lower price) *they currently charge about $20 now. To subscribe to this awesome box, visit their website by clicking here.


And that was December’s round up! There are more exciting things happening in January so stick around!

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