KAP TAP – Product Review


*Disclaimer – I received this product free for review purposes, however, all opinions are my own

Last year I ran 16 races. I usually try not to rely on aid stations for my water whenever possible for several reasons. For starters there’s what we have dubbed “garbage can” water… that is, water in a big tub like a garbage can in which they dip the cups to fill them. No matter how clean they may be, you just never know what could find it’s way into a big open container. Sometimes they are not spaced right or there are too few leaving you with a dry mouth and a distracting thirst. But really it just boils down to the fact that I want a drink available whenever I feel the need. The problem is that when packing for a race… my water bottle is more often than not forgotten back at home.



Meet the KAP TAP. An amazingly simple tool that turns any water bottle into a sports bottle. It’s small in size and clips easily onto your keychain, gym bag, or well… just about anything. So how’s it work? It’s easy:



Simply place KAP TAP on top of any water bottle… give it a tap …and it punctures a tiny hole in the top which allows water to flow freely when squeezed but will not spill all over if tipped over or dropped. Ingenious right? KAP TAP is also environmentally friendly, made from recycled material, and safe for taking wherever you go. It even works to open a soda can by placing it on it’s side and sliding KAP TAP under the can tab and then you just pull. No more picking at it with your fingers! (I don’t have any nails so they can be stubborn at times)



So I tested it out with a run on the treadmill (I would have rather tested it outside but it’s below freezing out there right now). I was amazed how little effort is needed to puncture the hole! I thought I would need top slam it down with some force in order to pierce the cap but it easily made a hole with just a small tap. I then tipped it on it’s side to see if the water poured out but only a few drops escaped. Then on to the REAL test… I am happy to say that not a single drop was spilled for the duration of my run. I am 100% completely satisfied with the performance of this product!



Interested in trying KAP TAP for yourself? They are available in 6 different colors for $3.99 each. Visit their website at www.KAPTAP.com for more details.