1Up Box vs. Loot Crate – Which Is Better – December 2014

1up vs loot crate



This Comparison Is VERY Outdated From December of 2014.

Both 1Up Box & Loot Crate have changed dramatically and I would recommend checking out one of my more recent reviews because Loot Crate is by FAR the Superior box these days hands down!

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-End of Update-

Geeky Subscription boxes are on the rise lately. With more and more popping up every day, my fellow nerds are having trouble deciding where to spend their hard earned money. It used to be “Nerd Block vs. Loot Crate” …but this isn’t the best comparison because NB costs $10 more and therefore makes it difficult to measure fairly. Now 1Up Box is on the scene and gaining in popularity every day, and at a cost at-par with LC so the question on everyone’s mind now is: “Which Is Better? 1Up Box vs. Loot Crate”.

In this post I will show you each of the December boxes, what I like and dislike, and give my opinion on which is the better box this month. I made a quick video if you prefer to watch instead of read, but I will go into more detail below:


So let’s check out the boxes….
loot crate

We will start with the Loot Crate “Anniversary” Box:

With all of the hype around this box you would think they were shipping gold, diamonds, or crack rock inside. It was reportedly their “biggest box ever”, jam packed with exclusive content. In the end it felt more like every other box they’ve ever shipped though. I will definitely admit they packed a lot into the box with a total estimated value higher than any other box I’ve ever priced out. Roughly $50 worth of items for just $20 shipped is nothing to sneeze at!

exclusive batman joker

The most hyped item was definitely the Loot Crate Exclusive Pop Vinyl. They seem to have a good relationship with several of their suppliers and can negotiate exclusive content of some type almost every month. The fact that many people (myself included) found this pop to be ugly as hell is inconsequential to the fact that it was a great item to have been included in the box. The other exclusive content includes: A Batman comic variant cover, the Groot socks, customized Loot Crate packaging on the Tetris stickers, and the Ghostbusters door hanger.

I personally did not like the socks or the stickers but it’s the door hanger that was the big disappointment to many people. I’ve read tons of comments about people being lured in by the promise of an “exclusive Ghostbusters item” only to open the box and find a piece of printed cardstock. I’m not saying it’s not ok to include something like this in the box… but when you hype it up and get people excited about something they can’t find in a store… they certainly were NOT thinking “I hope it’s a door hanger!!”

And finally the filler… every month you get some digital content, stickers, “mini-posters”, or little junk like the air freshener. Usually they are quick, cheap, easy items they can use to boost the item # and $ value of the box but in reality are mostly just useless. They don’t take away from the overall box but really don’t add anything either. It’s just an accepted part of the Loot Crate experience.

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1up Mythical

And now the “Mythical” 1Up Box:

Clearly you can see that you don’t get as much with the 1up Box. However, I thought the theme was a hit and they did it up right. This box arrived just as the Hobbit hit the movie theater so the timing was absolutely perfect. The overall value of the items is estimated at about $30 for $20 shipped. I will admit that I couldn’t accurately price out the “Ring of Power” though being as it was a 1Up exclusive and I had no basis for comparison.

I thought the shirt design is a fun, unique variation with the “snowball fight” theme just in time for winter. The Funko pop was either Azog or Legolas and I’m glad I got the one I did. The ring has a 1up box custom inscription on it made to look like the movie prop which, surprisingly, I find a lot of value in something as silly as this.

The filler in the 1Up Box tends to be slightly better than that of Loot Crate. Sure we got a printed item, a sticker, and some candy but it was minimal and the designs were a little more clever. (last month they had a Mario business card and a little plunger which I also found amusing) Maybe it’s just the way it has been marketed to me that makes me feel like it’s not supposed to be some big valuable item and therefore I don’t mind it as much.

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*I will admit that I am a huge fan of LOTR and the Hobbit so my opinion is extremely biased so you need to take that into consideration when weighing in my opinions.


question mark

So again you ask… which is better? Might as well ask a group of nerds which is better: Star Wars or Star Trek, Batman or Superman, Playstation or Xbox… everyone will give you a different answer. BUT you are not asking anyone else, you are asking me and I say… for my money 1Up Box is the better box for December 2014!


So now that this matter is finally settled… I’m going to put ALL of my December boxes head to head for my Geeky Subscription Box Battle! Be sure to stop back and check out who takes the crown!