Aboxalypse Funko Box Unboxing and Review – December 2014


*DISCLAIMER* BUYER BEWARE!! I do NOT endorse this company and will NEVER do business with them again! Purchase At Your Own Risk!

*UPDATE* if you wish to see a REAL example of their new service you can read my review here.

What’s this?? A new box? Why Yes! Yes it is! This is the Aboxalypse Funko Box for December 2014. Aboxalypse one of the newer boxes on the market and have only been around for maybe a month or so. They have several different options to choose from and along with this “all Funko” box I have also ordered their “classic” box which I hope will be arriving soon!

As of this posting, their website is not functional but they have been taking orders through their Facebook Page. They announce the different options through a post on the page with instructions on how to place the order. It may seem a little strange but I saw what they had sent out for November so I wanted to get in on it so that I don’t miss out.

But enough with the chit-chat let’s see what’s inside!


So not a bad box right? Let’s take a closer look at those items:


aboxalypse funko box

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Funko Pop:

The thing I like most about this Sally Pop Vinyl is her little scarred up face. I was a bit puzzled at first why the box wasn’t labeled “Nightmare Before Christmas” but upon closer inspection it seems that Funko just has a whole line of random Disney figures instead of grouping them by movie. I’m sure one of these days I will get Jack to go along with her… maybe in another box.

I always value Pops at $10


aboxalypse funko box

Walking Dead Pocket Pop:

I said it in the video… Daryl is a badass! I never actually use the key chains I get in these mystery boxes but I may make an exception this time. Then again, I wouldn’t want him to get all scuffed up so maybe he will just stay in the box lol.

This Pocket Pop sells for $6


aboxalypse funko box

Nightmare Before Christmas Mystery Minis:

Sigh… no Jack out of 4 of these boxes opened but ah well, that’s what you get with blind figure boxes. Either way I have become a collector of Mystery Minis by default from subscribing to so many of these boxes. New ones are always welcome lol. I don’t have any doubles so that is definitely a win!

These Mystery Minis run about $7 each for a total of $14


aboxalypse funko box

The “extras”:

It’s Christmas and candy-canes are an accepted addition to any geek box this month. As for the pin, I’m pretty sure Olaf must be made of pure cocaine because people just can’t seem to get enough of him lol. I, for one, do not care for him nor the pin so I will wind up giving that away. And then finally, the personalized Christmas card. The card has a hand written note inside just for me… maybe they all say the same thing but someone actually took the time to write it out and not just mass-print the message. Nice touch guys!


And that is the Aboxalypse Funko Box for December 2014. Roughly a $30 value for $28 shipped, but because I only paid $23 for the Black Friday sale the value is even greater. Not to mention they sent this out with priority 2 day shipping so that adds extra value as well. (we’re talking almost $10 just in shipping costs) But it’s like I always say… a $30 box can have a value of $75 but if it’s all crap, how valuable is it then? Aboxalypse did a great job with this box of Funko stuff and I’m glad I picked it up! I am more interested in their “classic” box which I hope to receive soon… this box was just an extra I couldn’t resist because it was on sale.

Be sure to stick around for more unboxings! Once all of them arrive I will crown one the best of December so you will not want to miss that! Until next time….