Loot Crate “Anniversary” Unboxing and Review – December 2014

Loot Crate anniversary

Hellooo and welcome to yet another unboxing of the famous Loot Crate. This one is for the highly anticipated “Anniversary” themed box for December 2014. Promises were made that this would be a box of “epic” proportions! Completely unequaled in all of geek boxdom! The internet was alive with speculations and hoax spoilers …so with that type of hype this box has got to be good right??? So what did I do… I got all dressed up for this very special occasion and recorded my unboxing in style! Check it out:



So now that you’ve seen the reveal… take a closer look at the goods:


exclusive batman joker

Exclusive Joker Batman – Batman

Now don’t get me wrong… I like the Pop… but I was a little disappointed in the end result. I’m a big fan of the Joker… but I like the Dark Knight Joker waaaaay more than the cheesy classic Joker which this seems to be… the mash up is ok too but the Pop itself is just …kinda ugly. I have unknowingly become a Pop collector simply because of all the boxes I get to review so this is a very welcome addition to my ever growing collection.

Funko Pops are valued at $10. YES I know this is an exclusive and it will be selling for $50+ on ebay before you know it but that is an inflated price by the resellers out there.


loot crate

The Simpsons Mighty Wallet

I can’t say it enough… this wallet is AWESOME! Granted I already have a really nice wallet that I would never switch out for this one but I still think it is really cool! To answer you question, yes it really is made of paper. The paper has been treated to hold up to constant use and it reportedly water resistant as well but it still feels like you could tear the thing in half if you felt the need.

They sell direct from the manufacturer for $15


loot crate

Groot Socks

Again… I am not a crazy sock person so I personally do not like these. To me, getting socks in my nerd boxes is like getting socks for Xmas… BORRRING! However, I will admit that Groot is awesome and if I were to every wear some crazy socks …these would probably be the ones. I can appreciate the design and I know there will be tons of people out there totally geeked over them so I understand why they were included in the box.

It’s hard to price an exclusive item but socks like these sell for $10 on average.


loot crate

Tetris Stickers

UGH! Stickers? Here’s the thing… I’m an old school gamer and love Tetris… but I quite literally have NOTHING in my possession that I would want to deface with a bunch of stickers. Fridge magnets would have been awesome because its not permanent and ruining something of value. Sigh …but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m going to get stickers in a Loot Crate box roughly every other month so whatever.

I’ve found them for $8 on Amazon.


loot crate

Batman Endgame Comic With Exclusive Cover

The exclusive cover means nothing to me because I don’t collect comic books… but I do like getting comics once in a while so it was a welcome item. I haven’t opened it to read it just yet… if there’s some crazy demand for it I may wind up selling it so keeping it sealed is ideal. Read it? Sell it? Only time will tell.

These comics sell for $3, again I am talking base-line price because it is an exclusive item and will be inflated for sure.


loot crate

The Filler Stuff

Ah yes the filler… the air freshener and the door hanger are just so-so. The magazine and button are just a given… and the Crunchyroll service is only a 30 day trial. I haven’t checked it out but I would assume they take your credit card number and will start charging you if you do not cancel on time so thanks but no thanks. I like anime but I have plenty to choose from on Netflix already so I’m good.

We will call it $5 for everything seen here.


loot crate

And there you have it. The December “Anniversary” Loot Crate. A total value of $51 for less than $20 shipped! And that’s without the inflated “exclusive” pricing that will sure to explode on the internet over the next few weeks. This was a GREAT VALUE for your money box for sure… but it wasn’t the “epic” box I had envisioned in my mind from all of the hype. I think my attitude would be completely different had it not been for all of the chatter around how great it would be… in the end I will continue to get the Loot Crate because it’s cheap and usually half-way decent.

If you are interested in a subscription to Loot Crate, please use this affiliate link to help me support my unboxing habit lol 🙂 You will find a code to save 10% off your first month’s box too so be sure to jump on it right away!

Stick around I have 5 more boxes on the way this month and after they all arrive I will put them head to head and crown one of them the KING of the Nerd Boxes for December. Until then….