Geeky Subscription Box Battle: Loot Crate vs My Geeky Goodies vs Geek Me Box vs 1up Box – November 2014

Subscription Box Battle

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WooHoo! It’s that time again where I put all this month’s geeky subscription boxes head to head in an all out BATTLE to see who wins the title of KING OF THE GEEK BOXES! This month’s contenders are: Loot Crate, My Geeky Goodies, Geek Me Box, and my newest add on 1up Box. There are NO Nerd Blocks or Arcade Blocks of any kind this month as I canceled all of those subscriptions after they continually came in last place every month.

So who do you think will win this month’s battle? My Geeky Goodies is the box to beat as they have won out over everyone 2 months in a row (technically last month’s was a tie with the Geek Me Box but they still hold the upper hand) Let’s take a look and what each had to offer…


loot crate

Loot Crate: Battle: Might as well get this one out of the way… it’s lack-luster assortment of nothings secured Loot Crate a solid LAST PLACE for November. Granted some people really liked the exclusive Mega Man helmet but I did not and wound up giving most of these items away. I may as well flush $20 down the toilet for all the good this box did for me but that’s the chance you take with a mystery box. This wasn’t a deal breaker and Loot Crate should more than make up for it next month.

You can check out my full review here.


1up box

1up Box: With it’s retro “Pixel Legacy” theme we got an awesome T-shirt and some other pixelated goodies… this box makes for a strong contender being the cheapest on the market at under $20 shipped. November’s price was technically $16 but they announced that they were raising prices in order to stay competitive with the others on the market.

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my geeky goodies

My Geeky Goodies: Busted out not 1 but 2 Mystery Minis this month! Add an R2-D2 pop on that and you have something magical… these goods come at a price though and so there was no shirt this month and the other items were just so-so. At just $25 shipped you still cant beat it.

The full review on this one is here.


Geek Me Box

Geek Me Box: Another classic video game type theme done up right with one of the greatest shirts ever in my opinion. Throw in some Street Fighter figures, Mario minis and even an energy drink and this is a geeks dream come true. At $30 awesomeness comes at a price …being the most expensive box (this month) but I might add that they are at par with the various Nerd Blocks and do a whole lot better job at it. If you are interested in subscribing, visit their website by clicking here.

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AND THE WINNER IS……………. !!!GEEK ME BOX!!! I wanted to make it a three-way tie but then that isn’t exactly an interesting battle is it? In the end, it’s the shirt that put them over the top for me. I thought it was a very well coordinated theme even though they don’t have themes lol. I like every single item in the box which makes me feel like my money was well spent… that’s what matters most.


STAY TUNED FOR DECEMBER! I’m keeping all 4 of these boxes PLUS I’ve added 3 more into the mix… I’ve ordered a Hero Crate and 2 selections from Aboxalypse for a fun-filled holiday full of geeky mystery boxes… BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!! In January I have already added Collectible Geek and the Super Cool New Box (formerly known as the Troy Box) on top of whatever makes the cut next month. Be sure to follow me on social media for all of the latest updates.

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