Loot Crate “Battle” Unboxing And Review – November 2014

loot crate november

Here we are again with another Loot Crate unboxing and review. The theme for November is “Battle” so all items are somehow fighting related. The subscription will run you $20 per month shipped and if you subscribe via this affiliate link you will find a coupon code that will get you $3 off your first month’s box! So let’s start out with the unboxing shall we?



Now that you’ve seen it all, let’s check out the items a little bit closer:

loot crate

Ninja vs Pirate Shirt:

The whole concept of this shirt escapes me. The design is ugly in my opinion and I wouldn’t wear it even as a sleep shirt. I’m sure there are some out there who love it but unfortunately I am extremely disappointed and will wind up giving it away to goodwill or something.

I always value T-shirts at $10


loot crate sf

Ryu Red Street Fighter Head Band:

I find this to be another disappointing item. Sure I like Street Fighter… but this is just a piece of red cloth with some logos printed on it. I could have ripped up an old T-shirt and got the same effect. I just don’t see any possible use for this item apart from wearing it during my unboxing video.

I can’t possibly price this out because it’s an exclusive item but I’m setting the price at $5


loot crate

Mega Man Mini Helmet Replica:

I personally didn’t like this item either, however, a friend finds it to have great value. Needless to say I gave it to him without a second thought. I do like Mega Man, and an entire figure would have been a great item for me… but just the helmet isn’t exactly my taste in collectibles. I have to say that it is very well made and feels substantial not thin and cheap.

This is another exclusive item but I managed to find people selling them off for $15


loot crate

Mega Bloks Halo Metallic Series Mini Figure:

Like I said, I don’t play Halo but I can appreciate a Halo figure. I have another one from another box from a few months back however that one just came in a regular blind pack. This particular figure comes in a plastic ship which splits in half to open. This adds expense to the figure without adding much value in my opinion. At more than double what a regular figure costs I would think that the plastic ship should be more useful than a bulky carry case for a single figure… there’s not even like a seat or anything inside he just flops around in it.

I’ve found these for $10 online


mega bloks halo figure

Assassins Creed Unity Coin:

Another pointless item? Granted this is a very well-made heavy coin… one side has the game title on it so it’s really just a clever ad. The actual game, I hear, is severely flawed and has been getting really bad reviews to boot. I gave this away with the Mega Man Helmet in hopes that it finds it’s way to someone that will actually appreciate it.

One more exclusive that’s impossible to price but people are selling them as cheap as $6


loot crate

I skipped the digital loot because quite frankly they are just paper clutter to me. I will add $20 to the box value for the Street Fighter full game download on Steam. Unfortunately the game plays much better on a console and I’m not about to buy a controller in order to play it on the PC. All in total this box has a value of $66 for $20 shipped …however, being that most of these items are exclusive that price is being inflated by the people who are flipping them to sell on ebay.

Long story short… I am so completely disappointed by this entire box! There is not a single item here that I would even pay $1 for had I seen it in a store. That being said… I know there are geeks out there that probably loved this box …and that’s ok. Everyone has their own interests and with a mystery box you always run the risk of getting a bunch of stuff you don’t like. Loot Crate has been decent enough in the past that this won’t affect my subscription with them especially since they are promising huge things for December.

If you want to try Loot Crate despite my unflattering review (they’re not always bad), you can visit their website through my affiliate link here.

Up next I will put all of November’s boxes head-to-head in my Geeky Subscription Box Battle so stick around…