Gifts For Geeks – 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts 4 Geeks

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links… and LOTS of ’em! Why else does anyone make a gift guide right? So be sure to buy 2 of everything you see here 😉

Geeks can be a difficult breed to shop for if you don’t know about nerdy things. It only takes a few quick questions to narrow down their area of geeks-pertise… or nerdy interest if you will. Do they like sci-fi, comic books, or video games?? Are they all about Star Wars or are they a Trekkie? Pay attention to what they surround themselves with because us geeks tend to have all sorts of clothing and trinkets that give us away. To help you out I will be compiling lists of geeky gifts up until Christmas so sit back and get ready for my Holiday Gift Guide For Geeks!

SUBSCRIPTION BOXES: Naturally I’m going to lead off with mystery boxes because that’s my area of expertise… but which one to choose? Keep in mind in order to get a December delivery you MUST subscribe in November otherwise they will have to wait until January to get their first box.


loot crate fear

Loot Crate: For just $13.37 a month plus shipping (about $20 total cost) you can get your favorite geek a subscription to this awesome box. Each month they have a theme and do a pretty good job covering everyone’s tastes. They are one of the cheapest boxes around but dollar for dollar can still hang with the others that charge $10 more. The only down side of this box is they tend to put a lot of “filler” inside (cheap useless extras to boost their item-per-box count) but in the end it is still a very good buy. You can get a COUPON CODE for $3 off your first box by following this link to the Loot Crate website!



MGG OctoberMy Geeky Goodies: This is one of my personal favorites! For 2 months in a row this box has landed on the top of my subscription box battle series and for good reason too… they are AWESOME! You get no filler garbage just good-quality items at a great price. Still very reasonable at $25 a month and that’s including shipping… that extra $5 goes a long way with these guys! To subscribe to MGG you can click here to be directed to their website. On a side note, this is not an affiliate link, I do not make a dime off of anyone subscribing to MGG so you can trust this is a completely unbiased endorsement!


geek me box

Geek Me Box: Another really great box from one of the “little guys” on the block. Like MGG I’ve had them for 2 months already (expecting the 3rd any time now) and each one was full of great things! While they don’t “do” themes, the items still seem to have some type of affiliation with each other, October’s box was obviously Halloween-themed for example. The idea is they don’t want to limit themselves from finding you the best possible stuff each month. This mystery box is a little bit more at $30 shipped but still comes out on top in terms of value inside. You can subscribe to the Geek Me Box by following this link to their website. Be sure to check them out on social media they will post coupon codes from time-to-time (unfortunately there’s not one at the time of this writing)
nerd block october

Nerd Block/ Arcade Block: While these 2 are not my personal taste in mystery boxes, many geeks think they are the best in town. Don’t get me wrong, they send you a lot of great stuff each month but it just wasn’t my style. I had 3 subscriptions from this company at the same time (the JR boys box was the 3rd) and it seemed like I got a lot of repeat items among them and for a total of $80 a month for all three… I quickly dropped them all because I just couldn’t justify the expense. HOWEVER, I have had many people argue with me over this particular “brand” and how much they love them, therefore I am including it in this gift guide. For $30 a month for each ($20 for the JR box) they are at-par with the Geek Me Box price wise. They are by far the biggest of all the companies listed here and have used that to draw in some extras not found anywhere else. You can subscribe to any of the Nerd Block family by following this link to their website.



MUST HAVE ITEMS FROM THINK GEEK: Hands down this is my favorite website to shop for geek stuff! Think Geek has some of the coolest stuff around and here are my top 5: (the images link to the product online)


Star Wars Chewbacca Robe! What?? This thing is awesome! And looks warm too! The price is a bit steep at $80 but luckily Think Geek runs all kinds of great sales and discounts! Besides, who can put a price on furry wookiee warmth this winter?
Star Wars Chewbacca Robe


Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger: I just about pee’d my pants when I saw this! I will never have to worry about time again with this handy plug-in time travel device… plus if I get caught speeding I can tell the officer I was just trying to reach 88 mph and I’m sure he will understand! Only $25 too!
Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger


Jayne’s Hat: No time to explain. If your geek has ever gone on about a show called “Firefly” …trust me he or she wants this hat! At $25 it is worth every penny!
Jayne's Hat


Funko Pop Vinyl Figures: Like potato chips, “you cant have just one” Pop Vilyl. I got my first one only a few months ago… now I have 12! At $10 a pop they are inexpensive and easy to get your hands on.

Ghostbusters Vinyl Pop Figures Slimer


Portal Gun: Ok so I’m totally dreaming here! At $120 for this bad boy I doubt Santa will be bringing it to me but hey… some of you probably have deep pockets and could easily click that little photo link and earn me one hell of a commission! (ok more like a couple bucks really these affiliate links don’t pay out well lol) What else can I say… it’s a Portal gun and I must have it!
Customizable Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device


So there you have it… my picks for some of the geekiest things to give this holiday season. As I’ve said, every geek and nerd is different so some may agree and some, not so much. I will continue to scour the internet for more goodies to feature in my next post coming soon…