Geeky Subscription Box Battle – Loot Crate / Arcade Block / Nerd Block / My Geeky Goodies / Geek Me Box – October 2014


Subscription Box Battle

*UPDATE* You can check out November’s Geeky Subscription Box Battle with new box competitors by clicking here, December, and January as well!

Ok kiddies once again we put all of our October Geeky boxes into the ring and let them duke it out to see who gets crowned “King Of The Geek Boxes” for October. Last month, My Geeky Goodies came out on top blowing away the competition… can they do it again? Has Nerd Block stepped up it’s game and attempted to dig it’s way out of last place? Check It Out and see!

So let’s meet our competitors:


MGG October

My Geeky Goodies: Quite an impressive spread here with a well put together horror theme. The Walking Dead Pop was my most treasured item in this box! Check out the full review here.


loot crate fear

Loot Crate “Fear”: Lots of paper this month and yet all very good quality. The highlight is most definitely the Sharknado book which was very entertaining to read! Check out the full review here.


nerd block october

Nerd Block: is finally stepping up to the plate with both a shirt and a Pop vinyl but is it enough? Check out this review by clicking here.


geek me box

Geek Me Box: Also coming out swinging with both a shirt and a Pop Vinyl and then follows up with some Walking Dead! Check out what I had to say about this one.


arcade block

Arcade Block: I left the premiere box out of the running last month but I threw them to the dogs this time… do they sink or swim with their attempt at retro gaming?



And The Results Are In!

Dead Last: Arcade Block… did I really just pay $30 for a stuffed animal and a T-shirt??? STATUS = CANCELED!

4th Place: Nerd Block… not a bad box but there was nothing I found to be exciting here. STATUS = CANCELED

3rd Place: Loot Crate… I really liked this box but paper items don’t “wow” me like the next 2. STATUS = KEPT

and finally….


My Geeky Goodies and Geek Me Box we both so very awesome that I just couldn’t decide. Even as I write this I’m still debating the topic but the fact is I like them both equally! Both had a Pop figure and Mystery Mini, and I like the hat every bit as much as the shirt. STATUS = HELL YES IM KEEPING THEM!

So there you have it, I dumped the Nerd Block “family” and freed up $60 monthly to spend on something else. I added the “1up Box” as a replacement, however, I don’t think I will get one until December. I’ve found a few others that I’m looking into as well so be sure to follow me on social media to get all of the latest updates.

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