Kona Wicked Halloween Run – Recap And Review


WHAT: Kona Wicked Halloween Run 10K, 5K, and Monster Mile

WHEN: Sunday, October 26 2014

WHERE: Plymouth, Michigan

COST: $25-$75 depending on race and time of registration

race swag

Once again Kona put on a top notch event! The GF and I registered for the 10K as part 3 of 4 in the “Grand Slam” series of races. Leaving only the Kona Chocolate Run left in just a few short weeks. This race really wasn’t too different from any of the other Kona races we have done in the past. Packet pickup was smooth and effortless… they had a shipping problem with some of the shirts but already had the solution, gave advanced warning, plus threw in a knit cap for our troubles.

It was a beautiful day for a race… slightly chilly at 45 degrees, however, we were appropriately dressed for the temperature and felt no discomfort. The GF was done up as Rainbow Bright for the race and I was a Ninja Turtle… we didn’t go crazy on the costumes but we still wanted to get into the spirit of things. The first wave of the 10K wasn’t too crowded so we jumped in although we had originally planned to get in the third. After a quick dance performance and the National Anthem they sent us out on our way.


This was the first street course I had ran in several months. The last 6 races I’ve done were all obstacle courses on dirt and trails so my feet weren’t well adjusted to my street shoes and my legs weren’t liking the hard impact of the pavement either. The start was awkward to say the least… I had an iPod malfunction so I needed to pull over and get that fixed. For two miles my legs were hurting worse and worse from the hard impact so once again I stopped to try and stretch it out on a curb. After that I felt great! My pace suffered terribly in the beginning but I was quickly making up ground with every mile… of course then nature called and encouraged me to hit the porta-potty at the half way mark so I lost ground once again. Not that I’m worried about time in the least but I like to get these things over with lol.


The final three miles were a piece of cake. I made up a lot of ground but still finished towards the back of the pack with a time of 1:16:49. Oh well, it is what it is I don’t lose sleep over it. I collected my medal and got my post-race food with no waits because of Kona’s dedication to making everything run smoothly. I snapped a few quick pictures and we ate on the way back to the car and went on our merry way with another race in the books!