Nerd Block Classic Unboxing and Review – October 2014

Nerd Block

Nerd Block is trying to freshen up it’s Classic Box with some guest curators, the first of which was Kevin Smith. Apparently he hand picked the items and created the DC vs Marvel theme for October. Will it breathe new life into the old box or is it just more of the same old thing? Let’s check it out…

So you can obviously see the Kevin Smith influence in the selection, the question is… did he really pick the stuff or just submit a few items from his own personal franchise to throw in? Lets take a closer look at the items:

nerd block october

Jay and Silent Bob Shirt: This is a very cool shirt design! I’m a big fan of Clerks and the spin-off movies so it was nice to see these two back together again… in cartoon form at least. Definitely the highlight of the box this month.

T-shirt cost $10

nerd block october

Deadpool Pop Vinyl: I’ve said it before, I don’t follow Deadpool so this Pop character is wasted on me. But he is still a Pop Vinyl figure and I like them more than any of the other figures that come in these boxes so that’s still a win.

Pop Vinyl characters generally run $10

nerd block october

Super Hero “VS” Pins: Say anything you like about these but at the end of the day they are still just pins. I used to have a button making machine when I was a kid… they weren’t exciting back then and they’re not exciting today. Yawn!

I doubt I can find them for sale anywhere I will call it $5 and not waste my time.

nerd block october

Legend Of Zelda Dangler: Holy Crap Nerd Block ENOUGH WITH THE DANGLERS already! Between the Classic, Arcade, and JR I must have got 8 in the past 2 months. This is not something you need multiple quantities of! I like Zelda but this is pure unoriginal crap!

These stupid things run $6

nerd block october

Vintage Captain America Trading Cards: Ok I get it, they are somewhat cool as a tie-in to the movie. I’m not super thrilled about them but it is what it is.

I had originally priced them at $5 because I couldn’t find them online, however, after it was pointed out that my price was WAY low I dug a little deeper and found that the set is being re-released with a display case for $40. The cards by themselves don’t display well without the case, plus the market just got flooded with several thousand of them but I will alter my value to $20 for these.

nerd block october

Arkham Asylum Post-It Notes: ……..they’re post-it notes…. in a book…. they don’t even say anything clever on them they’re blank. SCORE!

I don’t know.. what do you think… $5 sounds good.

nerd block october

Jay And Silent Bob Stickers: They’re ok …for stickers. Not much you can say about that.

I’ll say they are $1

nerd block october

And there you have it, the Nerd Block for October 2014. Estimated total of $56 (after adjusting for the cards) for $30 shipped. I actually canceled my subscription right after opening this lack-luster box. They are the most expensive box on the market and always come up last in my opinion. I’m not saying goodbye forever, I still have the Arcade Block coming… but I’m putting the Classic to rest until they start shipping things that interest me. You may feel differently so if you would like to subscribe, please visit their website by clicking my affiliate link here.