Top 10 Movies For Halloween On Netflix Right Now

Top 10 Movies For

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I would get into the spirit with some classic Halloween movies. Since Netflix is probably the most common movie platform around I’ve decided to compile a list of the top 10 movies you can find right now. Not necessarily horror movies and not the best of all time… quite simply the best I can stream right now whenever the mood strikes.

So starting from number 10 down to 1 here are my must-watch picks for Halloween:

The Crow

#10 The Crow: Full of all that was cool and edgy in the 90s, The Crow was one of my favorites at the time. Not particularly scary though but it fits the season and that’s why it landed a spot at the bottom of the list.


#9 Fright Night (1985): Massacred recently by a cheesy remake… don’t be fooled, the original had me clenching the covers at the young age of 10. Back when vampires were actually scary and not some teenaged girl’s wet dream, Fright Night is good enough to take its place in my number 9 spot.

nightmare before christmas

#8 The Nightmare Before Christmas: Here’s one you can watch for 2 months solid and it is still relevant lol. I love Tim Burton’s twisted character designs… the look and feel of everything in this movie is how I picture Halloween in my head.


#7 Scream: With a great cast and a great plot, the original Scream is always a pleaser. You know it has to be good when they make 500 sequels!


#6 Nightmare On Elm Street 2: While I would prefer the original, the second installment in the series was still very scary without getting into the cheesy phase.


#5 The Craft: Hot girls makin’ magic! I’m not sure if I should classify this as a Halloween movie or softcore porn lol. All I know is that when I watch this movie it makes me feel funny “down below”!


#4 Children Of The Corn: What could be more freaky than a cult of children? Forever a classic


#3 Donnie Darko: On any other list this movie would take #1 but here it sits safely at 3. To this day Frank still freaks me out! By far one of my most favorite movies of all time.


#2 Night Of The Living Dead (1968): This movie probably has more relevance today than when it was originally released. Zombie fever has struck the nation and held the top spot for many years now. This movie could have practically been made yesterday.

evil_dead 2

#1 Evil Dead 2: It just doesn’t get any better than this! Perfection in a scary movie is hard to come by and this movie takes the cake! Best. Scary. Movie. Ever. nuff said!

And there you have it… I suggest you get watching!
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