Aurora 3D Animation Maker #Review

aurora 3d

Starting a blog is just like starting your own business. Not only do you need to make a name for yourself, but you need to create an image too. Branding yourself can be tough… what’s going to set  you apart from the other guy? One sure fire way of grabbing attention is the use of professional looking eye-popping visuals.

When I decided to incorporate video into my “media empire” I needed a way to brand those too. I began with a simple logo splash screen that was very amateur looking and before long spiced it up with some simple video effects. In the end though it’s still pretty basic and dull and I was never quite satisfied with it. So when I had the opportunity to try out the Aurora 3D Animation Maker, I jumped at the opportunity.

The Aurora 3D Animation Maker is a program that will allow you to create beautiful and eye-catching 3D animations that will transform your text or logos into original and awesome looking creations! Using just a single timeline, you’ll be able to control all aspects of your animation, including its length, speed of playback, and much more!

aurora 3d

My first thought was that I would be able to jump right in and start whipping out some cool stuff in just a few minutes… after all I am pretty decent at Photoshop and video editing so this should be a cinch right? Wrong! Working in 3 dimensions is a whole new ball game and I was going to need some instructions before I got started.

I began with the online manual, however, the English translation isn’t very good and it was tough to follow. I then began to watch the YouTube tutorials provided but they too were difficult to understand. There was no “beginners guide” and they assume you know how their product works so it went fast and there was very little instruction. That is actually my only complaint about this program. If they were to release some videos with very basic instructions on how the program works they will reach more non-technical types.

I’m not one to give up so I searched YouTube for other how-to’s and found a few very helpful videos to get me going. In just a few minutes I had made my fist group of words dance around the screen and discovered THIS IS ACTUALLY EASY! After that I began messing around with the pre-loaded templates which can have you up in running in just a few quick clicks. But I’m not satisfied with just some simple words so I did some research and found out how to change my logo into an SVG file and import it.


What happened next was quite magical. Check out my 3D spinning coin logo! That literally took me 5 minutes to make. Not only can you export to video, but you can make animated gifs or even a still image. I decided next to take on my YouTube intro… I needed something a little more special so I sat down and started to see what this program can really do. And in just a few hours I managed to create an awesome new intro:

Nerf Herder

There are still some effects I want to try out before I finalize it but come on… THAT’S IMPRESSIVE! This program is awesome and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for this type of animation. If you are interested in learning more about the Aurora 3D Animation Maker visit their website. You can even download the software for a FREE trial and see for yourself.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.