My Geeky Goodies Unboxing and Review – October 2014

MGG September

My Geeky Goodies is a mystery box for geeks and nerds that is delivered to your door each month for about $25. If you follow along with me, last month My Geeky Goodies took the crown for best Geeky Mystery Subscription Box for September. Will they do it again??? Well check it out and see what they have in store for October:

I must say that is an extremely impressive box! The horror theme was done really well with a nice variety of items…  so lets dig in and take a closer look:

mgg light

The Tirefly Bonus Light:

Well they promised a little something extra this month …and a little something we got. I’m not complaining though the little light is really cool and I will make use of it for sure. I think possibly I am going to put a string on it and hang it from my neck on Halloween just for a little cool effect.

A pack of 2 will run you $8 so we will say $4 for the single.

MGG September

Skull Beanie Hat:

Winter is right around the corner so this beanie hat is just the thing I need to keep my head warm. You can’t go wrong with a black hat ..especially with a skull on it. It fits the Halloween theme yet isn’t limited and can be worn all winter without looking out of place.

It’s tough to get an exact price on this but I estimate it to be $10

MGG October

Blood Bag:

It’s a fruit punch flavored energy drink! With a crapton of caffeine in it too! I’ve decided to drink it and put red water back in it afterwards so I can have the best of both worlds. I’ve read that it has the consistency and taste of blood with a fruit punch flavoring.

I’ve seen them on Amazon for about $6

MGG October

Horror Classics Mystery Mini:

Looking at the back of the box I would have been happy with any figure they offered. Like it says they are the classics so you cant go wrong. I haven’t watched a Saw movie in a long time which is why I couldn’t remember this guys name in the video… I think it’s about time to re-watch them.

You can pick up one of these for about $9

MGG October

The Walking Dead Pop Vinyl:

Just the coolest guy around! I’ve been eye balling the Pop Vinyl walkers for quite some time now I am glad I finally got one!

You can usually get one for $10

MGG October

Box O Zombies

Like the army men of yester-year only slightly bigger and have better detail. I don’t know why but I think they’re the coolest… my own little zombie horde to …swarm something on my shelf lol.

These guys price out at $8 on the manufacturer’s website.

MGG October

Totaling out at $47 this box is a steal at just $25! I haven’t received any of the other geek boxes for October just yet but I can already tell that MGG is poised to take top honors once again. Some of the under-performers better step up or face getting canceled… the competition should be arriving steadily over the next week so stick around for more reviews!