Nerdy Subscription Box Battle: Nerd Block vs Loot Crate vs My Geeky Goodies vs Geek Me Box – September 2014


Subscription Box Battle

*UPDATE* You can check out October’s geek box battle by clicking here,  November, December, and January as well. Each with more varieties of geeky subscription goodness! 

YES! I pulled out all the stops this month and got the mother load of geeky subscription boxes! Today we put them all head to head to see which one wins the month of September. So without further ado …meet your competitors…

nerd block sept

Nerd Block Classic! -With the awesome Sounds Of The Galaxy T-shirt and TMNT papercrafting, Nerd Block had some good stuff this month. Total value = $43.55 for $30 shipped -You can watch the unboxing and read the full review here.


loot crate

Loot Crate “Galactic” With a classic Star Trek Tribble and exclusive Firefly stuff this box was outa this world! Total value is $42.62 for $20 shipped – Check out the unboxing and detailed review here. To subscribe to Loot Crate, check out my affiliate link here for a great discount on a new subscription!



My Geeky Goodies Not only did you get an awesome shirt, but also a Pop Vinyl plus ANOTHER mini figure! Total value is $41.82 for $25 shipped – You can check this one out in more detail here.


geek me box

Geek Me Box Another tough competitor! This one with several large items including the cool Adventure time eraser figures inside the pencil case. Total value is $47.50 for $30 shipped. Check out this unboxing here.

I will also point out that I got the new Arcade Block and Nerd Block JR but opted to keep them from this competition as I already have the Nerd Block company represented. Plus both were kind of a let down anyways.

My Thoughts: This is the first month I researched the actual value of the items only to find out that they are all essentially the same. However, Loot Crate comes out on top for being the least expensive in the bunch at $20 followed by My Geeky Goodies for $25. So in a purely “value for your money” stand point naturally the Loot Crate wins. But for me its not about the dollar amount because you can get $100 worth of stuff but if you don’t like what you get you’ve still wasted your money.



And The Winner Is… The “Geeky Subscription Box” winner for September 2014 is My Geeky Goodies! This was a tough one… but first lets just put this out there: Nerd Block came in dead last by a mile! Not only that but so did their very first Arcade Block and the just for kids Nerd Block JR. They are the most expensive box on the market and they consistently keep coming up on the bottom. Loot Crate had the ability to take first but blew it with the unrecognizable Malcolm Reynolds figure and play money. I am a huge Firefly fan but they could have done better which knocked them into 3rd place. Geek Me Box was cool and slid comfortably into second… lots of big stuff but no real collectors item to solidify the deal. My Geeky Goodies took first because …well for starters they had 2 powerhouse items: the bad-ass shirt and the Pop Vinyl… but also didn’t fizzle out with garbage they kept it alive with the TMNT and Adventure Time figures. All big items no filler! They deserve the title and I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table next month.


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