Up Next: The Chicago Super Spartan! Aroo! +Coupon Codes

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I AM A SPARTAN! AROO! That may sound cheesy to some or it may not mean a thing to you… but to me… it means I’m a BAD ASS!

Earlier this year I completed the Indianapolis Spartan Sprint kicking off what I have dubbed “The Year Of The Mud Run”. The original plan was to do every popular mud run/obstacle course race around… however, that would have meant a race every weekend for 2 solid months this fall so a few of them (Sorry Tough Mudder) had to be postponed until next year.

Currently I have completed 4 out of the 6 scheduled for the year. The remaining 2 are both Spartan races: The “Super” and The “Beast”. Out of all the races so far, the Spartan Sprint kicked my ass the worst (3 miles/ 15 obstacles). No other race came close… and that’s the easy one in the Spartan lineup. Next up is the Chicago Super Spartan (8 miles/ 20 obstacles) which gets me 2/3 of the way to the coveted TRIFECTA (each race gets you 1/3 of a special medal that can only be completed by finishing all 3 races)

Are You Up For The Challenge? I’m nothing special… I don’t spend hours at the gym pumping iron and such, sure I run but to be honest I’m just an average guy. If I Can Do It, So Can You!

Interested? It’s not too late to sign up for Chicago! Or better yet… join me in Ohio for the Beast where they are holding ALL THREE events so you could get the trifecta too!

I even have coupon codes for you:

– 10% off any U.S. Race, Use Code: FINISH10, Valid through 12/31/14

– $10 off any U.S.Race, Use Code: SPEAR10, Valid through 12/31/14

If you are considering it I ask that you please click on my affiliate link so that I can get credit for the sale. (It helps to support my running addiction) See You At The Finish Line!

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