Book Review: “Dragon: Ten Tales Of Fiery Beasts”

dragon: ten tales of fiery beasts

Dragon: Ten Tales of Fiery Beasts is an ebook that is pretty much as the title suggests. A collection of 10 short stories that revolve around dragons. Each story is written by a separate author including one by the editor, Rayne Hall, so each of the stories are completely different as far as writing style goes and some are better than others.

The first thing I’d like to point out is that, unlike the title suggests, this is not exactly 10 stories specifically about dragons but more like 10 stories where dragons exist in the world. Some are set in medieval times, such as “To Eat A Bard“, while others like “The Murder Window” could have happened yesterday (so-to-speak). The book as a whole is pretty short, definitely a quick read. Some of the better stories I would have liked to be longer and explored more in-depth, and some were barely a few pages long and were over in only a few minutes. Overall though I found it to be good.

My favorite of the stories was called: “Alone With The Bones” by Mark Cassell, and runner up was “Dung” by Candy Korman. I wont go into details about the stories because even a basic description can be considered a spoiler (you will just have to read them for yourself). However, I will say that the stories had me turning the pages and the writing style painted a clear picture in my mind.

My least favorite was “To Eat A Bard” by Larisa Walk, not because it was a bad story but I found the language to be difficult to get through. I understand what the author was trying to do but it ruined the experience when my mind was trying to focus on the proper pronunciation of works like “Rodnikovo” and “sorochitsa“. Yes I can read them just fine but I found it to be clunky and distracting and I never felt like I was into the story.

Overall I may be a bit too old for this book. I feel like it is meant for young adults so I loaded it onto my kid’s Kindle who is 12 for him to read. While some of the stories are set in more adult situations (i.e. a bar) there is nothing too graphic or objectionable for someone his age to handle.

I rated it 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon where you can purchase it through the affiliate link below for 99 cents. I would recommend it for teens who are interested dragons and fantasy and like something quick and easy to read.


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