Nerd Block Unboxing And Review – August 2014

Nerd Block

I can’t believe it’s been a month already! If you recall, I unboxed my first Nerd Block last month and got the “Golden Ticket Item”. Which most speculate around the web that they just ran out of an item and needed to substitute it with another item. No big deal to me, in my opinion I got the better of the 2 items. But on to August!

Naturally I put together a video unboxing for my YouTube Chanel and included it just for you!

As you can see, I’m getting more comfortable with it and trying to up my production value a little bit. All that work just for you guys! And now we will break down the items with some photos and further details:

Nerd Block

First item up is the Funko Pop Heroes Batman Vinyl Figure:

nerd block augustnerd block august











There’s not much that needs to be said about a Funko Pop figure. As I said in my video, I would have liked to get the Joker but Batman is definitely my second choice. They run about $10 so we have a good start to my $30 investment.

Second item up is the Pokémon T-shirt:

nerd block august

Again, not-a-fan of Pokémon at. all. but my kid likes them so he’s just got himself a rather large shirt to wear. The design itself is good and I’m not completely opposed to wearing it (after all it could have had characters plastered all over it – blah) I don’t care what the actual value is, I always put a $10 price on a T-shirt.

Next is the Cartoon Hangover, Bravest Warriors Keychain

nerd block augustnerd block august












As it turns out this is a cartoon made by the creator of Adventure Time, however I haven’t watched it. My kids will probably know it so it’s just one more thing I’m going to pass on to them. I say it’s probably worth about $5

Next the Topps MiniKins Mini Figures (Series 2)

nerd block augustgarbage pail minikins








I was a HUGE fan of Garbage Pail Kids growing up so I can really appreciate these! I would have liked… well basically any other characters beside these ones but that’s the chance you take with blind packs. Apparently the red one is considered “rare” soooooo yeah …to a collector I’m sure. There were also stickers in the pack that I almost didn’t notice with their names right on them so I’ll take note next time I’m doing a video to check inside lol. I’m guessing they’re worth about $5 bringing me to my $30 total and thus getting what I paid for!

Finally the Doctor Who comics:

dr who

It appears they are a Nerd Block exclusive item which essentially renders them worthless in the price category. To a Doctor Who fan I would say that makes them priceless. Either way, they are pretty well drawn and I’m going to read them. With any luck it will grab my attention and get me to start watching the show.

In Conclusion: The August Nerd Block was pretty decent. Everything in the box will get used and there was no filler junk like Loot Crate throws in. For the time being I am still satisfied with this subscription and will keep it going another month.
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