The Comcast Xfinity TV Go App



xfinity tv go

As you may have read, I was recently invited to a Sharknado 2 viewing party at one of the Comcast Xfinity retail locations. While the theme of the gathering (besides Sharknado 2) was to show off the completely reimagined Xfinity stores, I was also given a personal demonstration of some the new products such as the Xfinity TV Go app.

xfinity tv go 2

Xfinity TV Go is a free app for all Comcast subscribers which allows you to bring your favorite programming with you everywhere you go. Everything from streaming live TV and on-demand shows, to downloading programs right to your device to view when you’re offline. You can get the app on both the IOS and Android platforms as well as access it from your PC. What’s even better is that it is available for download at the Amazon App Store so you can even use it on your Kindle Fire! (Kindle users know that not everyone remembers to include them when making apps so that is a big plus)

xfinity tv go 6

At first I only loaded it on my tablet and browsed through movies while lounging around the house. From the bed, to the couch, to the kitchen, and back again I could move freely around the house without having to pause and come back. From there I expanded to my Iphone so I could catch an old episode of “Entourage” while on my lunch break at work. But why stop there? Now I have it open on a separate window on my PC while I’m writing this blog! Multitasking at it’s finest lol. Any way you slice it, the possibilities are endless: I could download a few movies to watch while camping next week, or in flight on my upcoming trip to Florida. Did I mention all of this is free for Comcast subscribers? How cool is that?

xfinity tv go 4

So what’s in this for me? Nothing really. The fine folks at Comcast want their customers to be aware of the products available so I played around with the app and decided it was worth telling my story. I’m always on the lookout for new topics to blog about and this combines 2 of my favorite things: Tv and gadgets. There is no better toy than a free toy so why not take advantage of this service you already have today?

xfinity tv go 5

*Disclaimer* This post was made possible by Comcast Xfinity. I was not compensated in any way aside from being given temporary access to a demo account in order to play with the service as I am not a subscriber. My decision to write a post about it and all opinions are my own.