Loot Crate Vs Nerd Block – July 2014 Edition




Ok as you may or may not have read, I’ve subscribed to both the Loot Crate and Nerd Block monthly subscription box services. I recorded the unboxings then posted about each item in greater detail. Well now I’m putting them head to head to see who had the better box…

LootCrate VS NerdBlock

If you haven’t seen them yet I have included the short videos for reference:

So lets dive in shall we:

T-Shirts :

loot crate jokinerd block turtle shirt











Loot Crate’s “Joki” vs. Nerd Block’s “Turtle Power”. At first glance I mistook “Joki” for just plain Joker. I like the artwork but it’s kind of a blah shirt… no one is going to come up and study it and most people wouldn’t get it anyways. The “Turtle Power” shirt on the other hand, has a simple, classic design that works very well. With the new movie coming out, the Turtles are hot right now and most anyone will instantly recognize it for what it is.

Second “Big Ticket” Item:

loot crate socksnerd block zombie strike











Lootcrate’s Deadpool Socks vs NerdBlock’s Zombie Strike Gun. Maybe if I were a girl I would like the Deadpool socks more but seriously …like getting socks at Xmas I don’t want them in my LootCrate thanks. My kid will wear them because he doesn’t give a crap but he has no clue who Deadpool is lol. The Nerf gun was an odd item at get but as it turns out it is loads of fun. I have plenty of traditional Nerf guns (the Nerf Herder duh) but this one shoots discs which fly pretty far. Out of everything in every box we’ve gotten so far this has the most use.

Reading Material:

rocket raccoonnerd block star wars insider











LootCrate’s Rocket Raccoon comic vs NerdBlock’s Star Wars Insider magazine. A comic book is what nerding is all about! I’m not big into comics but I can certainly appreciate them. Rocket Raccoon is also a very hot character with the GOTG movie out right now so this was a nice addition to the box. Star Wars insider is cool too… sorta… unfortunately there’s nothing in this magazine I can’t get online with a simple Google search. My kids like the Jeffery Brown books so it got their attention and they read through the whole thing so it’s not a disappointment.

Final Items:

loot crate vaderloot crate jokerloot crate dvdloot crate bowser 





nerd block x wing   nerd block golden ticket 2






LootCrate’s “Filler” vs NerdBlock’s Final items. Just to be fair, I will point out that Nerd Block costs an extra $10 so you get more big stuff than LootCrate.

Loot Crate’s filler items this month are a joke! A key chain, 2 “mini” posters, a dvd, a magnet, and of course their pin and “theme book”. Sure you can slap a price on all of it and say “look how much value you get in every box” but the thing is you have to assess value in terms of “do you even want it to begin with?” If the DVD were an actual movie I would find A LOT of value in that but it’s a documentary about “why villains are important in comics” ….yaaaawn! I would much rather see them put the total cost of all these items into something a little more useful.

Nerd Block’s stuffed Star Wars vehicle isn’t too bad. It’s a better use of my money than stuffing filler crap in the box I will give it that. If I had a younger kid it would be a perfect nerdy toy… since I don’t I just have it sitting on a shelf. I’d give it to my dog “Chewie” but he will shred it in less than a day. I also got the Golden Ticket Item which some speculate they simply ran out of the Stan Lee action figure thing that most everyone else got. Minecraft paper crafting is very nerdy indeed. It’s an accessory pack so once you build the chests and fences there’s not much you can do with them. The book and action figures that everyone else got looked ok too, kinda cheesy but I don’t have one in front of me to really get a feel for it. Either item, again, better use of my money than Loot Crate.

The Conclusion:

Since the 2 are priced differently you can’t just go by how much you get in each box. Do I feel I got my money’s worth in both of them? Absolutely! But I think the clear winner this month is the Nerd Block! They just made better use of my money… every item in the box will get some use and that has real value to me.

Of course, subscription boxes cater to a wide audience… what is junk to some may be a treasure to another. Right now there’s probably some other nerd reading this in his Joki shirt and Deadpool socks cussing me out because he thought it was the most epic box ever. Everyone has the right to form their own opinions and now you have mine….