Nerd Block Unboxing And Review July 2014


Ok, let’s count the subscription boxes shall we. I get the BarkBox, Loot Crate, Nerd Block Jr, annnnd yes I also get the classic Nerd Block. This one is the July 2014 Nerd Block which is my first.

nerd block

Nerd Block is a monthly subscription box full of nerdy goodies. Unlike Loot Crate, there is no theme for each month’s box. The subscription runs about $20 per month plus shipping ($30 total) and it is reported that you get about $60 worth of merchandise. For the month of July they threw in an added incentive… 500 boxes would receive a “Golden Ticket Upgrade” of an undisclosed nature.

If you read my stuff you know I started up a YouTube channel. Well I’m tweaking things and getting a little better at the video unboxing. I actually have really good equipment and editing software but I don’t make use of it for something as simple as this. So here you are… enjoy:

Ha! You like the Willy Wonka thing? I probably should have tried multiple takes but whatever lol. So let’s get down to the details…

nerd block 2

The box itself was twice as big as the Loot Crate so I felt better about spending the extra $10 on this subscription. Even if it was full of crap, there was a lot of it… or a few bigger crappy items… but this was not the case. This. Box. Is. Awesome.

nerd block turtle shirt

First up we have the Turtle Power T Shirt. It’s a nice design for sure. Not plastered with turtle faces or cheesy over the top graphics… I will actually wear this. I don’t research actual values of each item I assign my own “feels like” price to them: You could argue that a website like ThinkGeek would charge around $20 for the shirt… and I would come back at you with “I can walk into Walmart and get a Ninja Turtle shirt for $7”. For me, a T Shirt is valued at $10 so that’s our starting total…

nerd block zombie strike

The Nerf Zombie Strike Gun was an odd addition to this box. Is it “nerdy” because it’s “zombie” related? Or do nerds like to play with Nerf guns? Ok ok ok I actually do like to play with Nerf guns so this is still cool with me. It came with 2 bullets and really does shoot pretty far. My kids have an extensive collection of these types of guns and I’ve seen similar small guns at the stores for about $8 so in my head that’s what it is worth to me. Total so far $18 is not too shabby.

nerd block x wing

Stuffed X-Wing Fighter. You actually received a vehicle at random, I just so happened to get the X-Wing but there were several other possible. It’s pretty nice …a little floppy …I would have liked one made of plastic but you get what you get. It’s well made, at first I thought it was like a “crane game” prize but it’s made of sturdier fabric. It’s hard to put a price on it… I’d say $10 is pushing it so I will go with $8 bringing my total up to $26.

nerd block star wars insider


nerd block star wars insider 2









Star Wars Insider Magazine. Well… it’s a magazine… it has a few good articles in it. My kids are fans of Jeffery Brown so they both read it too. It has a cover price of $8 which is steep for a magazine of any kind but since we all got a little enjoyment out of reading it I’ll give them that value. So we have hit $34 in perceived value which has surpassed the $30 I paid for the box… SCORE!

nerd block golden ticket  nerd block golden ticket 2










The Minecraft Paper Craft Utility Pack was the !!!!GOLDEN TICKET ITEM!!!! Awwwww yeah! While most people received some comic book with action figures I was one of 500 who were upgraded to the Minecraft pack! My kids LOVE Minecraft… I’ve been known to play it on occasion too so this was a major win. It’s the utility pack so on it’s own it isn’t much more than some chests and boxes but the kids love making them and putting them on display. I’ve never priced one out but Minecraft stuff tends to be expensive so I’ll say it’s about $10. That brings my total Nerd Block personal value up to $44 off of a $30 subscription (shipped).

nerd block

Overall this was a good purchase… I didn’t want to blow $30 on a mystery box at first but eventually caved in and now I’m glad I did. I also planned on canceling the subscription right away but now I think I’m going to keep it going to see what next month brings. Be sure to follow me on social media to get updates on my next unboxing.