Loot Crate Villains Unboxing And Review – July 2014


Hello and welcome to another edition of me showing you the stuff I got in the mail! Today I will be unboxing the “Villains” themed Loot Crate for July 2014.


In case you don’t know, Loot Crate is a nerdy monthly subscription box that is shipped right to your door every month for the low low cost of $13.37 …yes this box is so 1337 that it costs 13.37 lol. That is, until you add shipping which puts it right up at about $19. If you like what you see and want to try it out, I ask that you please use the links I provided every time you see the word “Loot Crate“. It is an affiliate link so I get a $5 credit towards my subscription and it nets you 10% off!! Discounts stack when you order multiple months at a time so I got 3 months for roughly $50 with this method.

lootcrate villains

I recently launched a YouTube channel to help expand my Nerf Herder “empire” where I will be featuring, of all things, video unboxings of the very stuff mentioned in this blog (other stuff is in the works I’m still working out the bugs). So here, my friends, is my video Loot Crate unboxing:

So what I do after I video is photograph the items and talk about them with further details here.

loot crate 2

The first thing I noticed was that the box is very small from what I had imagined. I don’t know if it’s like this every month or not but I guess I’ll find out.

loot crate 4  loot crate 3








Inside the box there’s custom artwork relevant to this month’s theme which almost makes me want to save it… aww who am I kidding of course I’m going to save it lol.

loot crate joki

The first item in the box is the “Joki” t-shirt. To me the shirt holds real value. If you like it, you can wear it all the time. If you don’t, you can wear it when you mow the lawn or paint the bathroom lol. I ordered the Loot Crate shirts in size small because after I open them they technically belong to my youngest son as it is his subscription. He thinks it’s awesome though he has no idea who Loki is so he just thinks it’s just plain Joker. Either way, a Tshirt of any type will run you about $10 so there’s half you money right there.

loot crate socks

Next up we have the “Deadpool Socks”. Now I’m not big on socks… like at all …and I actually had to Google who this was as I don’t read comics. I was familiar with the costume but didn’t know him by name or what he was about. Luckily they are for my kid who thinks they are cool and will most definitely wear them. I don’t price these specific items out but I figure a pair of character socks will run like $5 or more so I have recovered 3/4 of my monthly cost.

rocket raccoon  rocket raccoon 2












Rocket Raccoon Comic with the exclusive Loot Crate cover. Again I’m not a big comic book reader but this is still something I find value in. I’ll read it, my kids will read it, what more can you say about it. I could have left it sealed for 20 years and sold it for a couple extra bucks I think but who knows right? Anyways it has a face value of $4 which means I have officially paid for my Loot Crate (with my own personal sense of value not actual retail costs)

loot crate vader

Vader Keychain …meh …it’s a keychain. I don’t use them, my kid doesn’t need one… if it were say a Lego Vader keychain it could at least be displayed or played with, but something like this is a very hit or miss item. Still it is a thing that costs money and I would pay like 5 bucks for it or something if I were in need of one. I have one now, I consider it to be free cuz I hit my $ amount already.

loot crate joker  loot crate harley quinn











Joker and Harley Quinn Posters. Ok, the artwork is cool I give it that… but they’re small, essentially useless, and I could print something like it off the internet if I wanted so I assign no value to these. My kid thinks they’re cool but I will find them wrinkled up in his desk drawer after a few days and he’ll never look at them again.

loot crate bowser

Bowser Magnet ….it’s a magnet. Apparently Bowser wants you …to not throw him in the garbage.

loot crate dvd

Necessary Evil DVD. I’m wondering if they paid for this or if DC comics donated them to get this big commercial out to a captive audience. Everyone’s gotta watch it… they paid for it after all. In essence they talk about how bad guys are necessary in comics… well no shit Sherlock …who wants to read about Bruce Wayne the extremely rich guy pass out in a puddle of his own vomit after getting all cracked out at one of his uber-rich playboy mansion parties… or Clark Kent write freaking news paper articles all day? THANKS GUYS! Thanks for spelling that one out to me in this video that lasts waaaaaaay too long.

loot crate pin

Loot Crate Villains Pin. Ok cool, it’s your thing I get it. Who’s going to wear it? IDK maybe someone somewhere… ok I lied my kid is wearing it right now. But I have an idea Loot Crate: Keep the posters, the magnet, the DVD, and the pin and give me one more item worth their combined value? That’s gotta be what? Like enough to get me a second keychain lol.

So in conclusion: I was a little disappointed in what was advertised as “epic” and “can’t miss”. I’ve looked up past Loot Crates and they’ve done much better than this. I still got my perceived value out of this box I do want to point that out. In no way do I feel like I wasted my money, in fact I’m extremely pleased with what I got for $20 shipped. I’ve seen other people research each item to pin an exact $ amount on them (and add shipping costs on top of that) and come back with “this is awesome we got $50 worth of shit this month”. However, in a world full of coupon codes and sales, being able to shop all stores everywhere in the world at once, I don’t see in terms of “full retail value” on anything anymore.

And with that, I have a Nerd Block to review… then I will put the 2 boxes head-to-head and see which one came out on top… stay tuned