Beat The Heat

*Disclaimer* Sponsored Post -I received 4 months of free entries with Jost Running in exchange for my honest opinions about their races. All opinions are my own.

beat the heat

For those of you that follow me, you may already have read the “In My Footsteps” series part 1 and part 2… for those who haven’t I have provided links for you if you wish to catch up. In essence, I have been inspiring my kids to run with me using virtual races and medals from Jost Running. The theme for July is “Beat The Heat” and the races benefit “Girls on the Run“, a nonprofit girls running program.


This month I received 4 medals and I wanted to find a way to get the GF’s son involved so he too could earn one for himself. His little legs would never carry him 3.1 miles so we had to devise another plan. Jost Running’s motto is that any movement is good movement and that walking, skipping, hopping, jumping, or even biking will do. And it just so happens that the GF got a new bike and “weeride” for “Little B” so biking it is!


I myself needed to get some run time in so I ran while everyone else rode bikes. Jost Running was also kind enough to send us some awesome tech-shirts! So the boys “suited up” in the spirit of the race. They are nice quality and the boys were really excited about them.


Everyone gathered at the “starting line” (aka the end of the driveway) and I counted down 3… 2… 1… GO! And we were off!


We are fortunate enough to have a bike path just a half mile down the street so that’s where our route took us.


It didn’t take long for them to ride out of my sight so I pretty much ran alone the entire time. At the mile and a half mark there’s a very cool underpass and I didn’t understand why they hadn’t passed me by already on their way back…


Turns out they were having so much fun they kept going to the 2 mile mark and were just now on their way back.


Little B was having the time of his life! He loves the weeride because it allows him to go further than he could on his own.


Alone again I continued on… I wanted to do more than a 5K I was shooting for a 10K so I had some work ahead of me.


I’m not in the habit of posting shirtless photos of myself online but the mid-day sun was so brutal that I was drenched in sweat. It became overwhelming and I had to turn back short of my projected half way mark. Roughly 2 1/2 miles out so that left another 2 1/2 to come back.


The path somehow seemed longer now and I thought that I would be stuck out in the heat forever! I didn’t “beat the heat” …the heat beat me! I brought along plenty of Gatorade to drink but at the moment I wish it had been water because I would have poured it over my head.


Meanwhile the boys made it back home and enjoyed their post-run refreshments… and a good sniff by Chewie lol


In the final stretch I finally caught a break with a nice cool breeze and I took full advantage and tried to get back as quickly as possible!! (cool breeze pictured above lol)


Once I got home we began the awards ceremony. The boys each stepped up and accepted their July medals!


Little B already hopped in the pool before I got there but got out to accept his medal as well…



I have to say the boys LOVE these events! Even with the “lazy days of summer” in full swing they are anxious to get out there and earn the next medal. We have one more month to go with our Jost Running campaign and we are already planning out when we are going to go next. Until then…