Nerd Block Jr Unboxing And Review – July 2014


nerdblock jr

These are very exciting times for me here at The Nerf Herder! I’m branching out …expanding …trying new things… and one of those things is the addition of a YouTube channel to my blog. And with that I bring you a video unboxing of the monthly subscription box: Nerd Block Jr.

If you are unfamiliar, Nerd Block Jr is a kid-oriented nerdy-themed box of goodies that gets shipped to your home each month for $13.99 + s/h (about $20 total) It is an off-shoot from the original subscription box “Nerd Block” (which I have also ordered but haven’t received yet) and the kid version comes with a choice of either a girl or boy theme.

nerd block jr

My kids are a bit too old for the Jr, but it is just right for the GF’s son which is why I coerced her recommended that she get a subscription for him. For starters, he LOVES getting mail and this thing takes the cake as the mother of all awesome things to get in the mail! I was allowed to open and present the items for my blog, however, I must reseal the package and put it back outside for him to discover for himself lol.

The first item up is the “Adventure Time Finn-Ominoes

finn-ominoes finn-ominoes 2











It comes with 28 domino-like tiles where you match up Finn’s expressions rather than numbers. All of which can be stored in the plastic Finn carrying case. This should be a great game for “Little B” as he will find it easier than trying to match the dots on a regular domino tile.

The next item we got was the “Wibbly Buddy Hulk” toy

hulk 1  hulk 2











He’s about 3″ tall, squishy, with a light-up rubber ball inside. He’s pretty cool… B will get a kick out of him …or just kick him lol.

Next we have the “Nerd Block Pin Art Game

pin art game box  pin art game












I don’t see how this is a “game” exactly… I had one growing up as did the GF and we both agreed that it’s a fun toy, but in the end, you really just try to get a funny face to turn out then store it on a shelf until someone knocks it over lol. This one appears to be made especially for this Nerd Block.

Next is the “Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Mega Force Micro Action Figures” blind pack.

mega bloks power ranger 1  mb power ranger 2











Much like the Lego blind packs, Mega Bloks has it’s own version with licensed characters from Power Rangers.

red ranger

WE GOT A RED RANGER! and boy is Little B going to flip out as this is his favorite character!! I think he might just pee his pants when he opens the pack and see this lol.

And finally, we got the “chickaDEE” activity book.

chickadee  chickadee 3











It’s 68 pages of activities, stories, and games suitable for kids ages 6-9. Little B isn’t much for coloring but the stories will make some good reading practice for him. Hopefully the excitement of it will disguise the fact that he is actually doing homework lol.

nerd block jr boxes

And there you have it! The Nerd Block Jr for July 2014. We have decided it is worth keeping for the time being so stay tuned for next months unboxing …well …next month.

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