BarkBox Unboxing And Review – July 2014


It’s high time I start branching out and expanding The Nerf Herder into something bigger and better …and we’re kicking things off with a good old fashioned subscription box “unboxing”!

bark box chewie 1

Today we received the July Bark Box which is a monthly subscription for dogs. Yes Chewie gets his own mail here in our house… and why shouldn’t he? He certainly thinks he’s people! The subscriptions range from $18 to $29 per month including shipping (depending on the length of your subscription) and you get approx $40 worth of goodies (estimated retail value).

!!!AND!!! I have a special treat for all of you: my very first video blog! You can watch all of the exciting unboxing action as it happened and share in the excitement that is a box full of dog treats…

I know right? It was odd for me to make too… but its about time I made use of my YouTube channel (please subscribe)

bark box

bark box july 2014

So lets dive in a little deeper shall we? This month’s theme was “Surf’s Up, Pups!” Meaning it was beach inspired and I think they did a pretty good job at pulling it together.

bark box shark

First we have the “Harry Barker Play Shark Toy”. It’s made of a tough fabric on the front, fur on the back, and a squeaker inside. Chewie LOVES it, however, I have a feeling he will shred the thing somewhat quickly because he is a hard-core chewer. For the average dog I believe it will last much longer as it seems to be made really well. It’s reported retail value is $12

bark box bixbi

Next we have the “Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Breast Jerky Treats”. Made from blueberries, cranberries, mushrooms, and chicken. These treats are wheat, corn, and soy free and have a retail value of $10

bark box chew

The “Superior Farms USA Beef Pizzle Stick” is 100% beef and has a value of $4.

bark box cool treats

Now the “Mr. Barksmith’s Pina Colada Smoothie” certainly got my attention. While we’re out on the deck chillin’ with a few frozen drinks this summer, Chewie get’s to kick back with us. Unfortunately for Chewie there is no alcohol in his Pina Colada but I don’t think that he’ll mind lol. It’s listed retail value is $2

bark box indigo

And finally we have the “PetSafe Indigo Triple Chews”. They are blue from the blueberry coating on them and the filling is said to be probiotic for digestive health. I like that most of all because Chewie is prone to tummy issues and could benefit from these a little. They have a retail value of $11 and I just might have to order more when these are gone!

bark box chewie 2

Chewie couldn’t wait to get into the box!

chewie beg

He’s sitting pretty for the shark…

chewie shark

I’d say that’s love!

chewie 1

But what’s this? A chew?

chewie 2

“I’ll make quick work of it so I can get back to my shark”

bark box july

If you are interested in a Bark Box subscription please use this link to sign up. You will get 10% off your subscription and Mr. Chewie will get another Bark Box as a reward!