Day Trip: The Detroit Zoo

Growing up in the shadow of Detroit no summer would be complete without a trip to the Detroit Zoo.

butterfly house

This year as an added bonus I got us a membership so we are free to go whenever we please. It really just makes sense for us, the membership was $79 while it would cost $65 for the 5 of us just to go the one time so it is definitely a no-brainer. Not to mention the GF and I tend to visit other zoos when we travel and will get a discounted rate from now on.

arctic ring of life

We picked the perfect day for it, the few clouds in the sky kept the sun from beating down on us so it was nice and comfortable. I have been coming here since I can remember and we always take the same route so there is a very specific path that needs to be followed. Going any other way would be considered “against the grain” and would cause me to go into OCD shock lol.


We always hit the Butterfly House first and it didn’t disappoint. Sometimes you can walk through and not see many but not this time they were everywhere! The conditions must have been just right because they were very active and flying about.


The birds, on the other hand, were not active at all and we blew right through there but not without “Little B” first having some fun playing in the chains. I remember playing in the chains myself as a child, of course back then they were actual metal chains that we would whip around …no doubt causing one or more of us to cry after getting smacked by a crazy wall of metal lol.


I was surprised to discover they had added a few new exhibits this year. The first, this beaver dam, added some much needed fun to an otherwise empty stretch of road. There are fish swimming in the water and a camera inside the beavers home so you can see him even when he’s not out and about.


They also added a boardwalk out over the marsh. This also added some much needed interest to another “walk on by” section of the zoo. We hung out and watched the ducks for a little before pressing on.


Another one of the new-er attractions was the carousel. I believe it was up and running the last time we were here but we didn’t ride it… this time we made sure to try it out.

detroit zoo tiger

Because it was a cool day the animals were a bit more active and we got to see some rare sights like the tiger roaming around. I’ll skip some of the play-by-play and just post a few highlight photos from the day:

reptile house

arctic ring of life 2


detroit zoo 2

detroit zoo 3

prarie dogs

And then finally, we ended the day at the playground… which had also been altered from previous years. The took out or moved some of the equipment and had a giant Lego building area instead. At first I was a little disappointed, thinking that the kids would find it boring but it was quite the opposite …they LOVED it!

detroit zoo lego house

They began building a house and before you knew it, the other kids began joining in until they had a full size (kid size) house complete with door and windows. They stopped to pose for a few pictures with the other kids before we left for the day …I’m not sure if they destroy the creations every day or not but in my mind I believe that the house still stands today as sort of a kid monument for all to see. (If only we had the Kragle we could have made it happen lol)

And so we left, with a full day’s supply of “Vitamin Z” we ventured home… but we’ll be back …soon!