In My Footsteps: Part 2

*Disclaimer* Sponsored Post -I received 3 months of free entries with Jost Running in exchange for my honest opinions about their races. All opinions are my own.


As you may have read, I’ve been trying to inspire my kids to run through Jost Running‘s virtual races. Even though they had a blast running their first 5K they haven’t asked to join me for a run since. I know, I know… you can’t just expect a kid to fall in love with “going for a run”. I mean, after all, they run all day: around the house, the playground, the back yard… but running to nowhere just for the sake of running seems to be a strange concept for my kids to grasp. Ah but you see I have an ace up my sleeve… another sweet race medal!

Jost Running’s theme for June is “Crank It Up” and the races benefit the National Young Arts Foundation. Crank it up as in “crank up the volume!” when you run and then “crank up the a/c” when you get back home! The medal for the 5 & 10K is a sweet old-school boom box and I felt the need to adjust my playlist to RUN DMC and LL Cool J to keep it authentic.


Race morning started out pretty much how I expected. My youngest was super excited while the pre-tween was throwing out that “been there done that” vibe. I expected resistance from him but he caved quickly when I told him how awesome this month’s medal was. He even covered his eyes when I brought them out so it wouldn’t “ruin the surprise”. We headed to Stony Creek again but this time we chose to run the “Trolley trails” which I had done recently at “Back to the Beach“. They are a bit hilly but you can’t beat the views and trail running keeps things interesting as opposed to the everyday pavement.


We started strong, the four of us had a good pace going and the boys were very energetic.


But before too long, my youngest began to tire out and needed to walk. The GF went on ahead because she needed to get some extra miles in so I hung back and became my boy’s own personal cheering squad.


Naturally my oldest wasn’t ready to slow up and kept pushing on ahead… but not brave enough to venture out on his own he made sure he could always still see us.


Around a mile into the run fatigue began to catch up with him too and he joined back up with us at a fast walking pace.


FINALLY! We hit the halfway mark and celebrated with a victory pose.


Which was all for show because they were beat from the hills so we took a break for a few.


The voyage back was similar to the one going out. The oldest pressing on ahead trying to get us moving faster. At this point it was taking alot of “good job”s and “you can do it”s to keep my youngest at a pace faster than a crawl.


The GF wound up lapping us and we met up again for a little before she pressed on… this time my oldest went on ahead with her.


FINISH!!! The Trolley Trails were pretty difficult with all of the ups-and-downs. The hill work made it fun but it was definitely more exhausting than just a straight-flat run.


We held our own little awards ceremony and I presented them with their sweet new medals. As every race should, we had plenty of post-race goodies to refuel with before heading home.


And as soon as we got home, my youngest ran up the stairs to hang his new medal on the bedpost. He proudly admired it and told me he had a great time and he cant wait to do it again. I was glowing inside because I know that I am creating lasting memories that my kids will cherish for years to come!