Race Wishlist: Star Wars Half Marathon

Yes you’ve read that title correctly… Run Disney’s Star Wars Half Marathon! And not only the half, but the Rebel Challenge which includes BOTH the 10k and Half Marathon races.

star wars half marathon

In case you don’t yet know what I’m talking about let me fill you in: Run Disney has just announced a Star Wars themed race series consisting of a Half, 10K, 5K, Kid’s Run, and the Rebel Challenge (both the Half and 10K)

When: January 15-18 2015

Where: Disneyland Resort, California

disney ewoks

So it’s no secret that I’m addicted to race medals… and as evident with the Christmas Story Run I’m a sucker for favorite movie themed races. So when the GF told me they had announced a Star Wars race my exact reply was: “What is it? Half? Full? Ultra? Doesn’t matter cuz we’re doing it!” And just like that the wheels began to turn and a plot was set into motion to get to California to run this race.


Registration doesn’t open until June 10th so this is all still hypothetical, but there is a REAL possibility that we are going to make this happen. Now you may or may not know that I have never done a half before… the furthest I’ve run is 7 miles. So if ever there was a first Half Marathon for me THIS IS IT! But not only that, as I said I want to do the Rebel Challenge which means running the 10K on Saturday, then running the Half on Sunday. Crazy right? But in return not only do I get a shirt and medal for each of those races, but a BONUS shirt and medal for doing them both! I figure if you’re going to travel all the way across the country for a race you better make it count.

Star Wars Disney

I really have high hopes for this one… the GF and I have agreed to give up Christmas presents in order to make this happen. We already have one big race trip planned for the Spartan Beast so this one is going to be a stretch but we will see what the future holds…

oh yeah and #LetTheWookieeWin

let the wookiee win