In My Footsteps: Inspiring My Kids To Run

*Disclaimer* Sponsored Post -I received 3 months of free entries with Jost Running in exchange for my honest opinions about their races. All opinions are my own.


Only a few short months ago I celebrated my one year runiversary… and over that year, my kids have asked me a range of running questions… anything from: “WOW! You won?!?” Wait what do you mean everyone gets a medal?” to “Why would you want to jump over fire? Are you crazy?” I always thought to myself how cool it would be to bring them along sometime so they could watch… only… as a kid, spectating a race has got to be one of the most boring activities out there: “Look! There goes dad!!……. uhhhh now what? …You mean I have to sit here how long?”

So why not have them actually participate?

Well I can give you a few reasons why I hesitate to sign them up: First off, while many events offer a kids race option, the GF and I are running the actual race which means the boys would need someone to watch them …and there’s that whole “sitting around for hours” problem that would bore them to death. Not to mention they’re getting to be just a bit old for such a kiddie run. My pre-tween old would die if he were forced to participate in something labeled for “kids” (he wont even order off kiddie menus at restaurants) And on the flip side, a 5K may be a little too long. I mean, what do you do if you’re half way through the race and your kid decides he cant run anymore? (or doesn’t want to) I could never really work out the logistics enough to want to risk it.

Then I found out about Jost Running. As you may have read, I have joined their blogger campaign, but before I was ever accepted my first thought was that I could totally use this to motivate my kids. So one day, in the car on the way to school I asked them “do you think you would be interested in running 3 miles for a medal?” Instantly they perked up! Really? Like your medals?” they asked. I think I might be able to go 3 miles… I’ll try at leastmy youngest said to me. BINGO! That was the ticket! Then a week later they asked me again… and again… and when I got accepted in to the blogging campaign, Jost Running was nice enough to give me 2 extra medals so they can join the experience with me!


We finally got some good running weather so we made our plans for my kids first ever 5K. Instead of running on the path right near our house, this called for something a little more special. We headed out to Stony Creek Metropark to run on the mountain bike trails for a little added excitement. Not to mention this month’s virtual race is called “Brave New Route” and this was a first for all of us so it was fitting.


The boys lined up at the “starting line” and I gave the countdown: 3… 2… 1… GO! …and they shot off full sprint lol. I slowed them up to a more realistic pace and we were off.


At around the 3/4 mile mark, my youngest began to wear out and fall behind. I kinda expected this because he is slightly asthmatic and has always had troubles with distance. I let him set the pace for us… we walked when he walked, and we ran when he ran… all the time with constant encouragement and positive reinforcement.


Neither child really understood how far 3 miles actually was. When we hit the first mile mark they couldn’t believe we weren’t even half way done. But they kept on going determined to get there.


Here we see the 1.5 mile victory stump! Time to head back…


…after we save a frog from certain death of course.


The run back was going even better than the run out. They recognized areas we had passed and even at mile 2 we were “almost there” they kept saying. My youngest was having troubles… his legs “were ready to fall off” and he was having trouble finding his energy at times… but then as much as he was complaining, he would shoot off like a rocket with his second… er 4th …8th …15th wind.


VICTORY! 3.12 miles!!!

As with all my race reviews you can track our run with Nike+


And in true race fashion I presented them with their FIRST 5K MEDALS!


We celebrated with post race food and headed out. When we got home my youngest wanted to know where he could hang his medal like mine. I told him in the future we can get him a rack but for now how about we display it on his bedpost… he hung it proudly …asked when we can do it again …and this made me happy! 🙂