Race Wishlist: CheeseTown Races

I haven’t done a “Race Wishlist” post in a while but this one deserves some attention:

The Pinconning CheeseTown Races are held where else but in Pinconning Michigan of course. June 13th and 14th 2014 in conjunction with the Pinconning CheeseTown Festival Weekend. They offer 3 races: a 5 mile, 2 mile, and “Little Meeces Race” for the kids.


An odd characteristic of this race is that they are held in the evening. 7pm on Friday, and 6pm Saturday. (the 5 mile run is Saturday only) The prices for this race are unbeatable! They offer shirt and no shirt pricing options anywhere from free (for the Little Meeces with no shirt, $6 with shirt) up to $24 to do the “Iron Cheese” (both the 2 and 5 mile races combined)

So why, you ask, would I drive 125 miles for such a race???

The medal of course!¬†All finishers get this sweet cheese medal… I MUST HAVE ONE!


and even the “Little Meeces” get a medal:


How cool is that??

It just so happens that Pinconning is very close to where my family goes camping so I have already began to plan out a trip for that weekend. With such cheap prices I am hoping I can convince my 2 boys to run the 2 miler with me… I have plans to get them interested in running this summer. The GF is also hoping to get her son to do the Little Meeces race which is less than a mile so he should be able to tackle that with little or no trouble.

I haven’t registered yet but that’s only because I am still making sure our trip is set and everything will work out. This one will very quickly go from the wishlist into registered in these next few weeks.