Indianapolis Spartan Sprint Results

My results have posted!



TIME: 2:21:56

OVERALL PLACE: 3434/6178

IN GENDER: 2696/4278

IN AGE GROUP: 430/659


WooHoo! Middle of the pack! Ok well maybe slightly slower but still mid-ranged. Still… there were so many backups at the obstacles. Out of that 2:21 I would have to say at least 20 or 30 mins were spent just standing there waiting for the person in front to move. On at least 3 occasions I had to wait for a random girl to finish crying and put her leg over the top of whatever obstacle and climb down. And that’s no exaggeration either… literally crying their eyes out in fear… and to be fair those things were high up. Not to mention the elevation chart on this race had to look like one of those lie detector graphs with all the extreme hills lol.


As you can see, one bonus is the free race photos which is a rarity for sure! I’m not sure if all of them are posted or not but I couldn’t find too many of us. Still I got some pretty sweet fire jump photos lol