Wilfred: The Greatest Show You Probably Never Seen

My inner geek has suffered a terrible blow today… one of my favorite TV shows, Wilfred, has been canceled. Like my title says: “Wilfred is the greatest show you probably never seen.”

Wilfred FX

Apparently this is nothing new… reports of it’s cancelation have been widely available on the internet for quite some time. I just finally began missing the show and looked it up. The 4th and final season has been moved from the FX network to the new FXX and is currently in production.

So what is Wilfred? The show revolves around the shattered life of the main character, Ryan, played by Elijah Wood… yes Elijah freeking Wood. The series begins with Ryan’s suicide attempt, he survives but every day after that he sees his neighbor’s dog “Wilfred” as a man dressed in a dog suit. There is no real rhyme or reason for this, the show is weird… really weird! He knows it’s not right, he thinks he may be crazy, and yet he goes along with it as if it’s completely normal.

It’s difficult to put into words so here is a collection of clips highlighting some of the funny aspects of the show:

If you look past the obvious man-in-a-dog-suit and see it for how it was intended …well no, strike that… it is fully intended to be a man in a dog suit. It’s supposed to be crazy and ridiculous …Wilfred is demented and twisted and Ryan’s life is falling to pieces. Together they have some pretty hilarious adventures.


The acting is top-notch. There’s great story progression and character development …only …no one watches it. I think most people write it off as being stupid and never really give it a chance. OR …they just simply never even heard of it. Either way, it deserves better… maybe you should check out a few reruns on FX before it’s too late…