Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere

Yes my friends, The Nerf Herder Blog is finally going places! And when I say “going places” I mean the Emagine Theater in Royal Oak Michigan. “What for?” you ask? Well to attend the Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere put on by Comcast Xfinity X1 and HBO.


So how did a little guy like me get to attend such an event you ask? Well I have the right connections (cough the GF cough) and I was in the right place at the right time (cough home cough). You see, I didn’t have HBO but I caught it on a free weekend and decided to DVR a season 1 marathon to see what all the fuss was about. When the GF was approached to attend the event she told them she doesn’t watch the show but that I did. Introductions were made, invitations were sent, and I figured maybe I aught to start watching this show so I don’t embarrass myself.

got invite

I binge watched all of season 1 and was hooked! Game of Thrones is right up my alley… the only problem now was that I had 2 more seasons to go and no HBO. The solution… well subscribe naturally. Instantly I had 20 more episodes at my disposal so I was knocking them out left and right. A total of 30 hours of GoT watched over 3 weeks and I finished just 2 days before the premiere.

Game of Thrones

April 2nd was premiere day! A full 4 days before anyone else gets to see the show… it was kind of a big deal to me. I had never been to an Emagine Theater but let me tell you they put all other theaters to shame. They have a full bar, bowling lanes, big cushy theater seats, and lots of friendly staff on hand. Comcast had reserved an entire section and offered hors devours, GoT displays, prizes, a photo booth, and demonstrations of the new Comcast Xfinity X1.

comcast contest

xfinity x1

got display

There were 2 other bloggers in attendance besides myself:

Chris from “The Talking Dad” and Becky from “Week 99er

Both are WAY out of my league in the blogging world… I mean, I’ve been to their sites before, not many (besides yourself lol) can say the same about mine. They were, however, impressed that I had only been blogging a few short months and yet still made it to such an event. We chatted briefly but it was time for the big show so we made our way to the theater.


Waiting for us on the way in was pop and popcorn… they really went all out with the extras for this event! I was so excited I get to be a part of this could barely stand it! We reached our seats as the Director of Public Relations got up to make an announcement. Part of the event was a canned food drive for Gleaners Community Food Bank and Comcast was donating $1000, which is the equivalent to 6000 meals. A nice touch and I wanted to publicly give them props for that. After a few words of welcome… he started up the show using the voice recognition feature of the X1 remote…


I knew all my readers would be dying to get a look at the episode before everyone else so I snuck in a camera and filmed the whole thing for your viewing pleasure…

HA! KIDDING! You can watch the season 4 trailer though lol.

I’m not one to give out spoilers but needless to say the premiere was SO good! I’m very excited to see where this season leads!! The episode ended with thunderous applause and on the way out, everyone got a gift bag. Inside were a few Xfinity items (a cup, a clippy thing, and a little wipey thing) as well as our very own Valyrian steel sword. Ok well its more of a letter opener but in my mind it’s an official “Needle” replica and I happen to think it’s awesome!!


I had a great time! I met new blogging connections. I’m the envy of all my friends for getting to see the GoT season premiere before everyone else… and that makes me feel goooood!

If you would like to learn more about the Comcast Xfinity X1 visit the website by clicking here. I may even dedicate and entire post to it (I need to do a little more homework first) in the near future.

OH! and don’t forget “Winter is coming!”