Disney World Trip: Day 3

So I assume if you’re reading this you have already caught days one and two right? If not by all means get up to speed, I’ll wait ………….finished? Great! Here we go:


Day 3 on our Disney World trip was spent at the Animal Kingdom. We only had 3 days at Disney so we chose this park over Epcot for our last before we flew out. Did we make the right choice? I’d like to think so but I’ve never been to Epcot so I’m not entirely sure.

animal kingdom tree

The day started out like all of the others …at the butt crack of dawn with little sleep. We caught the shuttle as we did the prior 2 days and arrived just as the park opened for the day. Naturally there is a mad rush for all of the big rides and today we were going to cash in without distraction.

tree people

We whizzed by all of the animal displays …I snapped a quick photo of this tree girl and then we kept on running. We made it to Everest and walked right on it without any wait. You need to understand this was a very big step for the GF as she doesn’t like roller coasters of any kind yet agreed to ride this one.


As you can see she wasn’t very excited to be climbing up the hill… there were a few easy dips and drops and then…. the “dead end”

animal kingdom everest

WOOSH! Backwards we go!! But this was no surprise to us as we had thoroughly done our research on just about every aspect of the trip. It was, however, more thrilling than I had expected and yet less scary than she had expected so a win for all. After that we made our way over to the Dinosaur ride. Another walk on …we had a Fast Pass for the ride later in the day but we decided to change it up because it was only so-so.

dinosaur ride

I found the Animal Kingdom very hard to navigate and we wound up walking along the same stretch several times. We rode a train which had literally nothing to look at …it went to a petting zoo with no apparent way back except on the train again. We found ourselves on several nature trails only it was very difficult to see any of the animals due to the crowds.


We went on the Kilimanjaro safari which we enjoyed. Our guide seemed to be struggling to remember his lines (I don’t blame him there’s a lot to memorize and spit back while driving) Sometimes the clever jokes he made didn’t really work because he was tripping over the punch line. Some animals were hard to see and some were no-shows… Jurassic Park came to mind maybe they needed a goat on a chain lol.


It seems to me, and maybe I’m just spoiled because we live so close to a world-class zoo, that a Disney park is FAR too busy a place for live animal exhibits. A large majority of the animals here could be found at the Detroit Zoo so I have seen them up close and way more personal since I was a child. Don’t get me wrong… the Animal Kingdom is absolutely incredible! But the Disney name brings in HUGE crowds and squeezing in shoulder to shoulder to see some of the animals simply wasn’t worth the time.

disneys animal kingdom

The one major thing this place has going for it is the shows! The Finding Nemo stage show was by far one of the best shows we had seen all weekend. It cut the movie down to a 45 minute musical with some great voice acting, funny lyrics, and stunning visuals.

finding nemo

finding nemo show

You may think seeing the people holding the puppets is weird but they do it so well and everything fits perfectly. Another great show we liked was “Bugs Life”.

bugs life

There were several warnings while waiting in line for this ride that it may be too intense for small children and people afraid of bugs… naturally some people didn’t pay any attention and hauled ass out of the theater when …well not to give things away entirely but spiders are bugs too and they do, in fact, show up. I thought it was very well done, especially the 4D effects.

animal kingdom bird show

After that we mostly wandered… caught the “Flights of Wonder” bird show but never really went on another ride (with the exception of our Fast Pass selections) due to the severe crowding and terribly long wait times. We left the park a little early for lack of anything better to do and gathered our things for the journey home.


The Disney Magical Express back to the airport was a welcome sight! I was so exhausted I almost fell asleep on the bus. We arrived a few hours before our flight so we sat down for dinner, complete with a window spot where we could watch the sun set. We were spent! Crabby… well I was crabby, I think she may have been too …I was trying real hard to cheer up but I was so over tired it seems I was angry at my eyes just for being open.

animal kingdom

I tried sleeping on the flight home… I may have but can’t say for certain. By the time we left the airport back in Detroit it was after midnight. I had 2 failed nap attempts, my feet were killing me, and I was crabby as hell …I’m surprised the GF didn’t try to kill me I’m sure I was horrible to be around.

The next day all I wanted to do was to sleep …I even took the day off to recover. Things didn’t exactly work out that way and I wound up running around all day and didn’t get any real sleep until that evening. All-in-all it was a good trip. I don’t think I will go back any time soon but eventually I would like to bring my kids …someday …when I’m feeling crazy enough