Race Recap: Rock CF 5K and My Runiversary

Practically every runner in Southeast Michigan has come out to run the Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon, Relay, or 5K… ok well maybe not everyone but it is probably the most popular race around. As it should be… this race is top notch! I ran my first ever race at Rock CF last year making this my 1 year “runiversary” and I wouldn’t spend it any other way!

rock cf 2014

For those who may not know, Rock CF is a race raising money for the fight against cystic fibrosis. It is a very popular race because A – it’s for a good cause, and B – it’s done the way other races should one day hope to be …and of course C – the great swag! This year they took on a partner, Run Detroit, and the 5K has now been redubbed the RunDetroit 5K.

run detroit

Originally I was trying to convince the GF to sign up for the relay with me since I am trying to up my distance little by little but, in the end, decided against it because that involves a lot of waiting around for the other outside in the cold… not this year. So 5K it is!


They switched it up this year and put the starting line for the 5K and the Grosse Ile Naval Hanger which I thought was a great move. This reduced the line for the shuttle in the morning which was crazy long last year and reduced the crowding significantly.

grosse isle


The temperature was a crisp 30 degrees and yet it was the warmest race we have had since October of 2013. The hanger provided enough warmth while we waited and they started the race right from the hanger, although the actual starting line was a few yards away outside.

rock cf emily


And we were off! Grosse Ile is know as a “PR” course because it is nice and flat with plenty of room. The first mile I was running at a 10m pace and felt good about it. On mile 2 I began to feel pain in my shin bones with every step. This happened a little at my last race, however, not enough to even comment about. Oddly enough last year at this race I felt exactly the same way… I do get shin splints from time to time but never very bad except at this race. Maybe I’m caught up and running too fast for my abilities, maybe the cement is just somehow harder here, maybe I need new running shoes, or maybe it’s all just a coincidence.


I had to slow down to a walk a few times, and by the 3rd mile I had to stop completely for a few seconds to stop the pain for a moment. Sometimes I like to pretend like I need to take a photo of the view or something… ya know …to save face …but in the end my time really isn’t important to me at all. Be it 30-35-40 minutes …no one is paying me to be fast. I paid for the race I will complete it how I see fit.


The GF waited for me, she didn’t have to but she stayed with me anyways… I did the same for her when she wasn’t doing so well. I think that between the 2 of us, we will never PR again since we never seem to be on the same page at a race lol. As we neared the finish line I mustered up the juice to pick up the pace in order to make a strong finish. Sure my shins hurt but I just need to get past that girl …and that kid ….and those guys there. Yes time doesn’t matter to me but finishing before that person in front of me does lol.

rock cf results

WOOHOO! Middle-of-the-Pack as always!! And my pace wasn’t terrible considering I walked several times and even stopped… I’ll take it. You know why? Because in the end I just love getting medals!

rock cf medal 2014

And no post would be complete without linking to my Nike+ app where you can pretend you are right there with me for the whole race… only it takes you about 3 seconds.

photo 1