Disney World Trip: Day 2

Now technically day 2 at Disney started at midnight catching a bus back to the resort. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you must have missed part 1. It seemed like as soon as I lay my head down on the pillow …my alarm began ringing to get up again for the next day of fun… Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood Studios

Because we stayed at the resort, we had access to the “extra magic hour” at Hollywood Studios. Which just means they open an hour early for resort customers only. What happens is that everyone makes a mad dash at the gates for the most popular rides and tries to cram as many in as possible before the general public gets in. We were no different, however, we did take the opportunity to get a photo with Donald real quick …Daisy did not make the cut we had rides to ride!



We shot over to the Toy Story ride and walked right on… we then hurried over to Star Tours and got that in too. We attempted a few more character meets but got out of line for one that was taking too long. We realized right away that we definitely picked the right park on the right day. It was busy, but never crazy insane. Popular rides like Toy Story had huge 90 minute wait times, however, we Fast Passed them in the afternoon and bypassed all of that nonsense.

toy story

We caught the Indiana Jones show which was spectacular I must say. Highly entertaining for sure! Later we caught the Extreme Stunt Show which was also VERY good. By far this park offered the most “bang” for our buck. We caught several street performances, and got on almost every ride except for the “Aerosmith” and “Tower of Terror” rides. I know what you’re thinking: “but those are the 2 best rides how could you possibly pass them up?” Well to put it quite simply… the GF will not ride those rides no way no how. Well strike that, she was willing to¬†try the Aerosmith ride however the line was conveniently 90 mins long so we opted not to bother.

Indiana Jones

extreme stunt show

Surprisingly, the GF’s favorite ride was “Star Tours” which we rode 4 times over the course of the day

Star Tours

storm troopers

We had reservations at “Hollywood & Vine” for the Fantasmic dinner show which was essentially just buying tickets to a free show in order to get good seats. The food at dinner was so good! I am going to dedicate an entire post to the food at Disney but lets just say it was worth every penny. When it came time for the show we found that our VIP seats landed us front and center with the best views of everything. While those without were already at “standing room only” a full 10-20 minutes before we even got there. I liked the show, however, I didn’t expect so much watching-cartoons-projected-on-water. I thought there would be a lot more live action but I still thought the effects were great.


And after all this do you think we went back to the resort to sleep?? Hell no we hopped a bus to downtown Disney to see what that was all about.

What. A. Crazy. Place.

Downtown Disney was such a mad house you could barely get around! Unlike the parks where most of the crowds were headed to some sort of destination, it seemed like most of the people there were just hanging out …in a giant mob …in and around everything you might possibly want to see or do …just standing there. We hit a lot of the stores but they offered nothing that we couldn’t get at the parks or back home so we didn’t buy anything.

lego store

Before too long we decided we had enough and hopped a bus back to Pop Century to once again rest up for the next big day ahead….