IRC Skunk Run – Detroit Edition Recap



My GF has been an Idiot ever since I first met her… I, on the other hand, have only just recently been privileged enough to call myself an Idiot too. So the IRC, or Idiots Running Club as you may call it, has this big event called the “Skunk Run” in which members from all over are encouraged to participate. The idea is simple: run. yep that’s it… as little or as much as you want …and well yeah that sums it up.

phto 1

So the GF decided it would be a good idea to get something organized for the Idiots who live in southeast Michigan… so she got her people to call their people and very official looking forms and thingies were filled out in triplicate …notarized and filed in very official looking folders and before you knew it the IRC Skunk Run – Detroit Edition was born.


A total of 11 Idiots showed up at Lake St Clair Metropark to participate in this miserable icy cold, super windy, partially unplowed run. We made camp at a small clearing near some bathrooms and headed out to slip and slide over the snow and ice.

phto 2

The path was treacherous …we lost one Idiot very early in the run due to a slip and fall and she was out for the count. We continued on over mountainous snow drifts and giant slush puddles until finally we reached a point where they simply stopped plowing altogether.

photo 2

Apparently our reputations had proceeded us because the whole time we ran, the ice fishermen kept pointing and saying “look at those Idiots”. I never knew our club was so famous!

poto 4

The way back seemed a little easier but the 2 frozen soakers I had were telling me that maybe I should stop once we reached base camp. I was content with my 2.5 miles and wanted to spend some quality time with a bag of oreos I had my eye on. Most of the other Idiots carried on… some put in just a few more miles while others got in a full 10.

photo 3

We had prizes for the most and least miles ran… the Idiot with the least amount of miles never returned to base camp therefore the award was given to me by default. It was a close race and I won by only .2 of a mile.


A pair of “sloth socks” and a custom made IRC skunk run plate… check this thing out!!

photo 4

The “most miles” award was also a plate, and the honor of keeping the skunk run mascot for a whole year.

photo 1

Afterwards we hung out as long as we could stand the cold but the temps kept dropping


Eventually the frostbite started to set in… I’m pretty sure my socks were turning to ice and my toes were mere seconds away from falling off so we packed up and headed out. I have to say I met some great Idiots and I hope to bump into them again …when it’s warmer of course.

phto 3

PS – the photos are just us Idiots hanging out in random order because I didn’t take any pictures while running …yes that’s an obvious statement but you may have been saying to yourself “that Idiot posted the wrong picture” …and well …that’s where you’re right!