IKEA Addicts Anonymous



Hello, my names Chris, and I am an Ikea addict. A full blow junkie really… I don’t know how life existed before I discovered the wonder store where all your home filling needs come true.

Ok so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration (and I mean slight) but holy crap have we found some good stuff there! But I’m jumping the gun here… there’s an actual story here it is not an ad I swear it.

If you follow me you know I purchased a new home this past October. Now I already had a ton of crap from my old house, and the GF did as well… but not all of it was right for the combined us so we needed some new stuff to make this new house a home.

For months we scoured the stores… quite literally every store in the area has been gone through again and again over and over with the same old stuff. We only made a good score like 10% of the time with most trips coming up negative. It was depressing! At this rate it would take a year before we saw any real progress on the house.

So we decided to try Ikea, which is roughly an hour drive for us so not exactly convenient and make a day trip out of it. That way when we come home empty handed it wasn’t a total waste… and well, as you know we were wrong… very wrong!

We loaded up a cart on that trip… when we got home we found that other things we saw would go perfectly so we went back the very next day for another big score. Then less than 2 weeks later we made another voyage out and came back with another loaded cart of goodies. And yes now… right now as I’m writing this… I have a new list of things I need to go back and pick up as soon as we have the time.

I’m sick right? Maybe they pump some kind of drug into the air at that place I don’t know. But here is just a few of the goodies we picked up:

Artwork… lots and lots of wall art:

photo 5   1   pho2to 3






photo 4

Lots of great empty frames too:

photo 3   ph1oto 2   photo wall






stuff for the boys room:

pho2to 5   pho2to 4   photo3 4






These awesome lamps as well as the wall art:

photo 2

A couple rugs to put here and there like this one for the half-bath:

photo 1

And lets not forget the bedroom tv wall… just about everything in this photo:

pho1to 3

a closer look:

pho2to 2

Naturally everything is still a work in progress but damn right? That’s a good haul for just one store! And that’s just a sampling of our total purchase… all at dirt cheap prices! And that, my friends, is why I gave a free shout out to a store.

No disclaimer needed because there was no sponsor for this post what-so-ever I just like shopping.