Weekend Projects Galore

This past weekend I fully intended on lounging around the house, napping, and catching up on some tv time… but somehow I got a bug in me to actually be productive.

It started out innocent enough. I took the railings off the stairs several months ago in order to paint and never put them back up. Not out of laziness but because they are ugly and I want to paint them and add new hardware. Well I still haven’t painted them but i thought I should at least put them back up for the time being.

As it turns out, I hate the small railing and am not putting it back up. That lead to needing some holes filled where the hardware used to be. And since I was filling holes there were a few dents and dings in the wall that needed filling… and before you know it… the whole damn wall needed to be repainted.

Of course this nice new stairway complete with (unpainted) railing could now be decorated and so I put together a photo wall and the end results look like so:

photo wall

Nice eh? Just picture the railing black and we really got something!

We also made a trip to the “homeland” aka Ikea. (lol) Which has become our new most favorite spot to get goodies for the home. Among them were a few small shelves to finish off the look of our bedroom tv wall. I think it is pretty damn successful if you ask me!

photo 2

photo 1