Sponsored Post: Speed Stick Gear Deodorant

So today I’m here to talk about Speed Stick Gear deodorant.


I was given 2 sticks of the deodorant by Influenster for review. This was my first “VoxBox” (as they call it) and I didn’t quite know what to expect. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 full-sized sticks of Speed Stick Gear to try out. One “Fresh Force” scent and one “Clean Peak”.


My first impressions were that they both smelled really good. I chose “Clean Peak” as the better of the 2 scents to try out.

I should start off by saying that I have been using a “gel” based deodorant since they came out so many years ago. Switching to a dry stick was somewhat of a texture issue for me… nothing against the product itself, it’s just you get used to a certain thing after years and years. I will point out that they do make a gel version, however, I have to review the product I was given.

The scent after applied was very strong! As if I had just sprayed on some cologne. Again this was just my personal preference but I’m not used to smelling my deodorant so it was odd to me. It does, however, level out after some time.

As far as protection goes I have to say it works exactly as described. All day protection, even after a run it was going strong. They claim you can skip a day and it still works just as well but I’m not one to skip a shower so I didn’t put that to the test.

In conclusion, Speed Stick Gear is a great for those who like the protection of a stick deodorant and like a little more scent than your average brand. While I didn’t care for some aspects of the deodorant, I have decided to purchase the Speed Stick Gear gel version to try out as that is more my type. I will definitely give them another try.

Disclaimer: i was given this product to review by Influenster. I was not paid and all of my opinions are my own.