Home Decorating Is Back In Full Swing

It’s time for a long overdue update on the home front…

Painting has been put in an extended holding pattern. I stopped back when we decorated for Xmas and after that… well it’s just too damn cold and having everything all torn up doesn’t sound very appealing at the moment. HOWEVER, that hasn’t stopped us from getting a little more settled in. I’ve included some “before” photos to show how drastic some of the rooms have changed since we moved in.

One room is 100% completed! “Little B’s” room has been transformed into …well a Transformers paradise! Posters, comforter, curtains, the works.

photo3 2   photo3 1

D & B’s room is well on it’s way with the addition of some wall art, curtains, and some crazy tub-shelf-thingies we found at Ikea. The only things that remain in this room is to paint the shelf on the wall and I have a little more empty spaces to fill.

DSC01614   photo3 4

DSC01615   photo3 3

The bathroom remains mostly untouched, however, we did grab a few new items to hold us over until it is redone.

photo4 1

The living room has had a major overhaul! We painted a while back and now found some great wall art to complete the look. It still needs curtains and a little more organization before we can call it complete.

DSC01637   photo4 2

photo4 4    photo4 3

The kitchen is another room that hasn’t had much work done to it but we found all kinds of great stuff including…. A NEW FRIDGE!! As you can see the one that came with the house was apartment-sized and waaaaaaaay too small for our needs!

DSC01690   photo4 5

We also got this kitchen island set against a “test color” wall of what the room will eventually be painted to. The cabinets will also be redone in black with chrome handles to match this.

DSC01643   photo 1

We also got this entryway bench and a giant photo of the Detroit skyline! $50 from Ikea you cant even take a photo yourself and have it blown up that size for the price!!

photo 2

I set up our “run wall” at the top of the stairs. I never finished painting the hallway I only did enough to get this done lol

DSC01660   photo 5

And finally, more progress on the bedroom! We found some great wall art for the bed. We also mounted the tv on the wall and added a shelf. Check out the before and after pics on this one!!! Still to do: I need to run the wiring for the tv and add some shelves on either side. The dressers need to be painted to match, and we are still on the lookout for the ever elusive perfect curtains to tie it all together.

DSC01620   photo 3

DSC01621   photo

And that’s what we got so far… I’ve been busy assembling, hanging, measuring, moving, wiring which is so much more refreshing then just painting! The next time we cover this topic I am hoping that I can say that we have several more rooms completed.