Video Game Review: Rust



It’s not often I get hooked on a video game… but when I do, it’s for good reason. I heard about this game called “Rust” a few weeks ago. The ¬†game is still in “Alpha” which means it’s in the earliest stages of development… not even a full game yet just a concept really but it had exploded in popularity on the Steam Network. It was explained to me as a cross between Minecraft and Fallout which instantly peaked my interest. So I did some research, watched a few videos, and one thing was for sure I had to give it a try.


The premise of the game is simple: SURVIVE. There is no story line, no explanation (as of yet) as to what actually is going on. There is no single player option the game takes place on different servers online and the clock is always ticking. When you start the game for the first time, you wake up naked with only a rock, a torch, and a bandage. Where are you? What do you do? It may be day time or pitch black in the middle of the night. Well you can use the rock to gather wood, more rocks, and possibly… with enough determination kill yourself something to eat.


Oh yeah and there’s wild animals and zombies that will attack you on sight so you better get to crafting up some essentials: tools, weapons, clothes, and shelter. So get to hunting, gathering, and building. The crafting system is still pretty basic, but effective. Within a few hours of game play you can have a pretty established “base” and enough supplies to keep you alive another day.


However, there is another rather unpredictable element to this game… and that is the other players. Depending on the server you choose, you may not see another person for hours. OR, right from the start you are running for your life being hunted down by the more established and ruthless. People tend to group together into gangs, pooling their resources and becoming an unbeatable force. You can choose to stay small, alone, hidden, and praying that you aren’t worth the effort. Or you can get your own group and take on all rivals very “Mad Max” style.


Here’s the last thing… when you leave the server your body stays in the world asleep. That means if you leave the game out in a field you will most certainly get murdered before you return. Even in your house there is no guarantee that someone wont break in and kill you where you lie and clean you out. Your only defense is to build bigger and more elaborate.



Also, inexplicably, every evening a plane flies over and drops supplies at a random spot on the map. Causing people for miles around to race towards the drop to get all of the good stuff inside. Forcing even the most secluded players into the light for a possible confrontation.

And, as of right now, that’s it. Day after day gather, build, fight, destroy, and survive… and let me tell you it’s addicting!