DIY Race Bib Display For Under $10



Ok boys and girls today we are going to learn a new craft… how to make your own race bib display.


I’ve been looking around online for some sort of bib display without much luck. Sure there are plenty to choose from but every one I’ve seen I think to myself “geeze how much? I could make that thing myself.” So while out shopping on Saturday I decided why not give it a shot and picked up some supplies.

What you will need:

photo 1

A Plaque. Sold at most craft stores, we brought a bib along for sizing.

photo 3

I opted to keep it simple although there were many sizes and shapes that would work as well.

photo 2

“L” shaped screw hooks. Sold in the hook section of most hardware stores they are not very widely used so they are kinda hard to spot.


Sawtooth Picture hangers. Found at both the craft stores and hardware stores.

Also paint and whatever extra you may want to use to decorate. In this case we are painting them simple black with some leftover paint we are using in the house.


photo 4

Take an average sized bib and center it on the plaque. Mark the location of the holes where the hangers will go.


photo 5

Take a small screwdriver and tap it in the center of the circles. NOT very hard, this step is only to mark the location and make a starter hole for the hook later on. You could also pre-drill a small hole but I didn’t feel like getting into all of that. The reason for this step is so that after you paint you don’t have to mark up the surface and risk a scratch or blemish.



Paint. I used a roller but brush it, spray it, whatever you got is fine. I put on 3 coats because the wood really sucked up the paint causing it to look dull.



Add a sawtooth to the back. Find the center and drop it down from the top as well. People have a tendency to put them along the very top edge but you run the risk of it splitting or showing at certain angles.



CAREFULLY screw the hooks in using the 2 “X” marks you made with the screwdriver before painting. The indents should help the screw bite into the wood and if needed you could give it another tap if the dents aren’t big¬†enough.¬†Doing this freehand it is possible to screw them in crooked so you may want to use something like a block or small box as a visual guide to help you get them straight.



Add bibs and enjoy!!