SEMR Beer Run Recap

So tonight (1/21/14) I did something a little bit out of the ordinary. I belong to a running group called SEMR (South East Michigan Runners) which, up until now, was nothing more then just a webpage on Facebook to talk running with other locals and what not. Well one of the members, a great blogger that goes by the name of Detroit Runner, organized a group run called the “SEMR Beer Run”. The premise being pretty self explanatory: everyone gets together to run and drink beer.


The thing is I don’t drink beer… and running at night in January is freaking crazy cold …and it’s on a Tuesday so I would have to go straight from work… and what if I have my kids …and the GF definitely has hers so there’s no way she can make it …and …and …oh there are a few prizes eh? Wait what? More prizes?? Race Bibs too? Even a finisher medal?? Holy crap this event is freaking awesome! I have to go now!!


Yes, you had me at “finisher medal”. Granted its a paper medal but it’s still awesome!

photo 1

Ok back to the run… so we meet up in Royal Oak at a place called the Red Fox English Pub. About 83 members showed up to brave the 7 degree temps outside. We pinned our bibs, grabbed our reflective gear, and headed to the streets for a run. Having just done the Auto Show Shuffle, I decided to add another layer this time because it was 10 degrees colder. The run was dark, the streets were snowy, I didn’t have a running partner so I just found people to keep pace with. All in all it was an easy 3.4 miles. I had to stop a time or 2 to peel off some layers because it turns out I was overdressed lol. My Nike+ app said my time was about 38 mins but when I start and stop it there’s a few mins of fumbling and getting situated so I would guess more like 35 mins.

You can view my run with Nike+ here

After the race everyone went inside for drinks and prizes. Of course I forgot my camera, and my phone died right after the run so I didn’t get any good pictures. I met a few new people …everyone (naturally) talked about running lol. Then it was prize giveaway time! This event really was top notch. There were like 50 or 60 prizes in total so almost everyone got something. Me? Well I won some Goat Head Sole Spikes.


The prize is kinda ironic because the GF and I were talking about scaling back our cold temp runs and sticking to races more above freezing. Not that I wont get any use out of them but I think I’ll hang onto them for a rainy.. er snowy day.

All in all this event was way better then I would have ever expected. Slap a timing chip onto the bib and it would have been an official race. I met some great people! And defeated the cold once again. I look fwd to another group run …this time lets schedule it when the temps are a little less artic and a little more tropical lol.