Race Wishlist: Kona Dublin Double

In order to get the Kona “Grand Slam” medal this year, the Corktown race is out and the Kona St Patricks Day Run is in. It sucks that we have to choose between these 2 as they are both, I’m told, very good races.


Formerly the Shamrock N Roll Run, this year along with the name change they have decided to offer the Dublin Double if you complete both the 10k and 5k races. Limited to 500 entries you get an EXTRA MEDAL for completing both events. Otherwise, like all Kona races, there is no medal for the 5k.

2013 Kona St Patricks shirt rendering cropped

The start times are spaced out enough that I will have plenty of time to finish the 10k and get back into the 5k without having to rush. This would be the furthest I’ve ever run before… my last hurdle being the 10k which I jumped into at the Kona last June.

If this works out, I might just have to do all of the Kona doubles and rake in the medals this year! The price bump is coming up very soon so I need to make a final decision and register.

How about you? Are you in or are you out?